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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I level up my Pokemon?

I don't want to fight the Elite Four hundreds of times.

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Ellis123, i mean is there a way 2 boost EXP without battaling(besides the daycare gear station "glitch")

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I said without battlaling but you people don't lisin anyway, so....

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From: Kitazaki_san 3 years ago

The best way I've found is Audino slaughtering. About 5K exp per kill with Lucky Egg at the Giant Chasm

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You fight trainers or wild Pokemon, or use Rare Candies.

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Nope sorry Zorkon95

The only ways to level up are the following

Rare Candies

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Zorkon95, I understand your question, but unfortunately, the only way to level up your Pokemon, besides the "daycare/gear station" glitch is through rare candies, which you can only get several of those through finding them on the ground or with the dousing machine without battling, or at least not battling trainers on the Royal Unova every Sunday. The only legit, yet lazy way of leveling up your Pokemon is by using the EXP shares, but the catch is that you still have to battle, but not with the Pokemon you're trying to level up, though. Other than that, get someone else to do it for you so you don't have to if you're THAT lazy.

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You can use lucky egg to train your pokemon faster.
The fastest way could be the sports domes in nimbasa city. If you have defeated every trainer there you just change the date and you can go on again.
There is also a pokemon trainer in castelia city. You can challenge every day. His pokemon are all lvl 75.
That is all i know without mentioning elite four.

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