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Where do you find the item maniacs?

I need to find the item maniacs. the ones that buy the pearl necklace, big nugget, and comet shard. can anyone help please

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Kraleck answered:

Smoke Rulz is correct about the Ore Maniac, but there are other Maniacs to be found. The Food Maniac is the Chef in the camper on Route 5 (buys Berries, Mushrooms, and other food-like items) and the Relic Maniac is the Black Belt in the Riches Family Mansion in Undella Town (buys the stuff in the Sunken Ruins of Undella Bay).

Full list of salable items to the Maniacs:

Oddly enough, the Ore Maniac does not buy Leaf Stones...
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ellis123 answered:

Icirrus City's Pokemart. To the right of the main desk.
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SmokeRulz answered:

The man who buys those is in Icirrus City, in the Pokecenter. He'll also buy run-of-the-mill treasures like normal Nuggets, Star Pieces., etc, as well as Evolution Stones (why would I sell those?!), gems, and shoal shells.
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