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How do Find N?

Can you fight N after you've found all of the seven sages?

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ellis123 answered:

No, you cannot fight N after you find the seven sages. The last time you can meet him was in N's Castle before you beat Ghestis. Looker's comment about hearing rumors about N are hints at the next game.
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burner001 answered:

Unfortunately, yo can't see him again but Looker says that he heard a rumour that matches N description with a dragon...
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Sheep007 answered:

No,sorry you cant find n after the seven sages have been found which is a shame but looker does give a discription of a person with a black dragon.
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charizoard12 answered:

You cant
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zoroark21 answered:

Ya you can't
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mariotoad7 answered:

Unfortunately u cant i wish u could cause in the mario games you can defeat bowser as much as u like
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pinkpool2897 answered:

No you can't. Everyone says in the third release you might be able to see N again. Looker said he was in another region and after you beat Skylar she says she might start letting people ride in her cargo plane. Mabye she will in the third release.
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charizoard12 answered:

No you can't.
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gard2012 answered:

You can't, after looker gives you info about him, it's that he has changed paths and is down the path of righteousness.
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SkullBasherX answered:

No unless you start the game over
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