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How do I beat Champion Alder?

I am just wondering what levels are needed to beat the Elite 4 as well as the champion. These are my Pokemon:

Serperior Lv 68
Chandelure Lv 67
Sesmitoad Lv 67
Scrafty Lv. 66
Eelektross Lv. 67
Unfezant Lv. 63

Also tell me if I should make any changes to my team.

Kraleck asked for clarification:

Moves known?

Pacman155 provided additional details:

Serperior Lv 68 Moves: Coil, Leaf Blade, Leech Seed, Giga Drain
Chandelure Lv 67 Moves: Inferno, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Flame Burst
Sesmitoad Lv 67 Moves: Surf, Mud Shot, Waterfall, Drain Punch
Scrafty Lv. 66 Moves: Hi Jump Kick, Facade, Strength, Crunch
Eelektross Lv. 67 Moves: Thunderbolt, Crunch, Thunder Wave, Spark
Unfezant Lv. 63 Moves: Fly, Air Slash, Razor Wind, Quick Attack

Accepted Answer

Emboar514 answered:

First off, switch out Uzenfant for Bravairy as others said. Second get rid of Seismitoad. It has bad defences and its 4x weakness to Grass really dosen't help. Get a Jellicent or a Carracosta. Carracosta has decent defence so it can withstand a Grass move even if it has 4x weakness. Jellicent is probably self-explanatory (Water-Ghost type) Finally, Scrafty. Fighting type is good to have against the Elite Four. But Scrafty isn't all that good Fighting type. A better one would be Mienshao or Conkeldurr. Next for your movesets, Teach Chandelure Flamethrower, getting rid of Inferno, and get rid of Flame Burst for something like Psychic or Energy Ball. Shadow Ball is okay. For Elektross, get rid of Spark as it Thunderbolt is better. Get benefits for Elektross being able to learn many moves and teach it Flamethrower or something. That's it! Hope I helped! :D
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dragonicmaster5 answered:

All of Alder's pokemon are level 75.
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burner001 answered:

Alder's Pokemon are high leveled-5 are lvl 75 and 1 is lvl 77.
You should really change Unfezant with Braviary as it's stronger.
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Thamior77 answered:

burner, if he's on Black then he'd have to trade for Braviary. Unfezant is his best bet for a standard flying type.
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raysaldanha11 answered:

One of the easiest ways to beat the champ is to go and catch a monsterous lvl 70 volcarno in relic castle. it should no bug buzz,psychic,(flamethrower/heat wave) and quiver dance equipped with that silver powder thing thats it is already holdin>

There are two things that are great news about Alder: first, half of his team is weak to Fire-type attacks. Score! And second, his lead Pokemon, Accelgor, will do very little to hamper your way to a six Quiver Dance sweep. It will be Bug Buzz'ing while you set up with Quiver Dance, possibly lowering your Sp. Def, but it won't do too much damage overall. After you've got your six Quiver Dances in, patch that HP up of yours and then Flamethrower to dispose of that pest. Gone.

Next up, he sends up his Bouffalant (most likely, at least; the order will probably be the same using this strategy). Either Flamethrower or Bug Buzz take it out with no effort. Don't even think; just do, unless PP is magically a concern.

Escavalier. Say hello to Flamethrower. Goodbye.

Volcarona. Shoot, this is actually the most difficult of his Pokemon due to its high level and it sharing a Fire-type. That may make you think that your attack doesn't matter, but trust me, use Flamethrower. It's not gonna absorb your attack or anything and will do normal damage due to its Fire-type-weak Bug-type. It'll be a one hit KO for sure. Show that other Volcarona to the flame!

Druddigon is something you'll want to Bug Buzz rather than burn with fire, but it, too, will not give you any complaints after it is slain.

That just leaves Vanilluxe, which you should know what to do with. If, for whatever reason, Vanilluxe comes out sooner than this, make absolutely sure you do not lollygag, because it could potentially set up Light Screen and really ruin your plans of a successful sweep. It's just not fun. But I mean, seriously, you could take it out in one hit with Flamethrower even without Quiver Dance, so watch just how quickly that thing burns with +6 Sp. Atk behind that blast.

And that is how you defeat the Champion using nothing more than some items and one untrained Pokemon.
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