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Where can I find tm 93 (wild charge) thunder bolt, and magma rizer??

Where are tm 93, thunderbolt, and a magmarizer?

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Tekkaman_James answered:

TM-93 (Wild Charge) = Fly to the Pokemon League and slide down the wall from the left-hand side of the Ranger you see here. Slide down two more walls and you'll find TM-93.

TM-24 (Thunderbolt) = You will need to surf out to Route 18 and land near the large building to the right-most part of this route. Outside the building, in some tall grass, you will see a Scientist. Near him, on the ground, is TM-24.

Magmarizer = This one is a bit trickier to get. You'll need to go to Route 13 and look for the guy dressed in black with the sunglasses. Each day, he will give you a random item that he found while combing the beach. The majority of the items he gives you are held-items used to evolve previous generation Pokemon. Among the items he gives out is the Magmarizer. You might have to check with him a bunch of times, but you'll get one eventually.
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