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What is the use of heart scale?

I dunno

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Thamior77 answered:

Pokemon Black and White call him the Move Relearner. In previous games, he was more known as the Move Tutor along with the those who teach old TM Moves to your pokemon that are scattered across the regions.

To elaborate a little on Mikey_R's answer, the Move Relearner (and Move Deleter which is used to have your pokemon forget HM moves) are found in Mistralton City, inside a house to the right of the Pokemon Center. On the world map, it's says the Move Family's house when hovering over Mistralton City to make sure you have the correct one.

The Move Relearner charges 1 heart scale to learn an old move that your Pokemon either never learned or forgot. The Move Deleter does not charge anything for the deletion of a move. Keep in mind, you only need to use the Move Deleter for HM moves. This saves you the extra trouble of deleting the move you plan on replacing before using the Move Relearner.
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Mikey_R answered:

If you go to the place with the flying gym there will be someone there in the house to the right of the pokecentre who will teach your pokemon level up moves for all levels below their current level.
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joel197 answered:

You can give one to the move relearner then he'll let you remember one of your pokemons forgotten moves
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