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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find an Enigma Berry?

I heard it can be found in the Dream World, but I'm pretty sure it can't. Is there a way to find it?

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There is no way currently to actually getting the berry. While it is known that it's going to be through the Dream World (if it's going to become available at all) it's unknown how it's going to be distributed.

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Go to the trading boards. Maybe someone has one transferred from fourth gen.

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Gunswordz Answered: "Go to the trading boards. Maybe someone has one transferred from fourth gen."

Except for the unreleased Key Item Lock Capsule, there is no way to move any Items from 4th Gen to 5th Gen

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You can't find an Enigma Berry in the game.

Dream World is a possibly, albeit debatable. Someone on the boards may have hacked one of these event Berries and is willing to trade.

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I heard on Bulbapedia that the Enigma berry, as well as other rare berries, can be found in the Battle Subway. Some rare berries are given from trainers after consecutive victories, while others can be found on the trainers' Pokemon as held items.

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