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Catching Zekrom and reshiram!!Help!?

I decide to cheat in pokemon Black version and what is the code for Reshiram and Zekrom ?


Buizel7709 answered:

I'm not sure since I did not use cheats for the game. I did manage to catch 1 of the two with a ultra ball with 1 try. Sorry...
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Juggleboy44 answered:

I just went through the game and got to the part where Zekrom/Reshiram is catchable and used a Primer Ball and it worked on the first try. A way to get both on one version is the GTS (Global Trade Station) in the Pokemon Center. That's the only info. I got.
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Syedwaqar answered:

Hi, I don't have pokemon black but I have pokemon white and I got both of the two pokemon in one game without trading and I think what I did might work for pokemon black. First you need an action replay there is no other way to do this and you only get one try, unless you restart the game. After you beat the elite four for the first time ( in white) ( I'm sure it will work for black as well) you will next battle N but save it before you do and the with the action replay make sure you have 2 codes activated one 100% catch rate of wild pokemon and catch other peoples (trainers) pokemon. Then when fighting N the first pokemon he will use is zekrom, with the catch other peoples pokemon cheat activated, just use a pokeball on it and you will get that pokemon. In white I first had to fight zekrom and with the 100% catch rate wild pokemon cheat I got him easily and then when I faced N I took his rashiram cause that was the first pokemon he use. And thus I got both zekrom and rashiram as the original trainer and didn't have to trade. But I say you only have one shot at it is because I rebattled the elite four and there was no longer N there so with that I say gool luck and I hope this helped! :)
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