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Asked: 2 years ago

How can I increase my chances of getting a shiny pokemon?

I'm trying to get shiny pokemon using the day care, but I cant seem to make any progress. I heard that using two pokemon from different countries works, but I've had no luck. Any advice?

Accepted Answer

From: unchosen_one 2 years ago

If they're both from the same country, then the chances are normal. My general strategy is to trade Ditto for Ditto on the GTS until I get a foreign one, and use that as a dedicated breeder if I don't need egg moves

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Use the mesuda method go on you tube and write mesua method pokemon black.

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Use the mesuda method go on yt and write it.

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Breed using the Masuda Method.

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You either go and use action replay codes, use pokegen "create a pokemon", like make a magikarp shiny with sacred sword at, use pokesav to "create" an entire game, or trade.

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Using the masuda method:
- Breeding 2 pokemon from different "language" games

you can increase the chances of getting a shiny

the chance of getting a shiny is still very low 1 out of ~2000

(tip: the first time you get a certain pokemon from a different language game you should unlock a pokedex description in that language)

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