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Asked: 2 years ago

How do wings work?

I use those wings that are said to make a Pokemon stronger, but I don't ever see any stat changes. Does it only happen when they level up or something?

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Oh, and BTW, I've read other answers for them, but they aren't useful enough to me and I need more detailed information about them.

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Well, I use them for just about anyone. I mainly use them on my Emboar, but I often go for others too.

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Okay, so, let's say for example that a Pokemon gets 3 Attack Points when it levels up normally. But if I use like 20 Muscle Wings on said Pokemon, it get's 6 Attack Points instead. Is that what you mean?

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Okay, I am pretty sure I understand this now. Thanks for that.

Accepted Answer

From: InkSpell432 2 years ago

No, stats from medicine and wings are added separately from growing, by level, but they increase stats, nonetheless. I'm gonna give you a little bit more details: there is a limit to the number of medicine and wings you can give to one Pokemon.

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Which Pokemon are you using the wings for? Wings are about no different from the medicine in Route 9's Shopping Mall Nine. Items like those may be used twice or more to increase those particuar stats. Some Pokemon have greater effects on those items. I think it depends on the nature of the Pokemon as well.

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Do you check the increments of each stat of your Pokemon each time it levels up? The one which increases the highest, often, further increases when using a medicine or wing. Lesser stats have lesser effects. The stat increments, for each level, vary by nature.

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