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Asked: 2 years ago

Manaphy's best or worst Nature? Or somewhere in between?

Exactly, my Manaphy has a Naughty Nature, which raises more Attack, while lowering Sp. Defense (I think). Is that the best way to go?

Here, my Manaphy's Level is 84, as far as I can remember. These are Manaphy's stats, but I don't know the exact stats,for I haven't played for a long time:

Attack - Approx. 260
Defense - Approx. 200
Sp. Attack - Approx. 190
Sp. Defense - Approx. 160
Speed - Approx. 250

This is Manaphy's moveset:

Ice Beam (Special/ Ice-Type; Power 95/ Accuracy 100)
Waterfall (Physical/ Water-Type; Power 80/ Accuracy 100)
Energy Ball (Special/ Grass-Type; Power 80/ Accuracy 100)
Heart Swap (Status/ Psychic-Type; Accuracy -I forgot-/ Switches stat changes)

So, again, is Naughty Nature good for Manaphy, or not? If not, I probably need a recommendation on moveset.

Accepted Answer

From: mnkysprn 2 years ago

Manaphy needs a Timid nature.

Ice beam
Energy Ball
Heart swap

Held item: Expert Belt

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