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How do I get through the Giant Chasm?

I keep coming to a dead end in the outdoor part. How do I get through?

pinkpool2897 provided additional details:

Could you be a little more specific please?

pinkpool2897 provided additional details:

What I meant to ask is, where is the center?

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Kitazaki_san answered:

You have to get to the center of the Chasm in order to clear the way into the cave with Kyurem in it.
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TheJazzyT answered:

After you reach the center of the Chasm you will see a small pond. Upon your arrival the ground will freeze over. There will be nothing but ice on the ground. Go up to where your path with the stairs was once blocked by trees and enter into the cave. There Kyurem will be waiting for you.
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TheJazzyT answered:
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