Question from 17hockeyman17

Rate this team? (2nd Pokemon League Trip)

I have:
Lv. 68 Reshiram
Dragon Pulse
Fusion Flare

Lv. 67 Serperior
Frenzy Plant
Leaf Storm
Leaf Blade

Lv. 66 Tyranitar
Stone Edge

Lv. 66 Metagross
Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt
Hyper Beam

Lv. 66 Kingdra
Hydro Pump
Dragon Dance
Dragon Pulse

Lv. 66 Dragonite
Brick Break
Dragon Rush
Dragon Dance

Leave recommendations for move changes and yes, I am aware that I will need atleast a 5-10 level raise for each.


videogameshark answered:

Your Reshiram is fine and suitable!
Your Serperior could learn Wring Out in replacement of Leaf blade
Your Tyranitar's Crunch is the only problem. I dont know what moves he / she learns, but crunch... No.
Your Metagross is fine as well
Your Kingdra is epic!
Your Dragonite could learn Focus Blast.

Out of all, I give a 4 and three quarters out of five!
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