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Asked: 4 years ago

After Elite Four?

SPOILER? What happens after you beat N, and the Elite Four, and what purpose does Looker serve?

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From: Biaz 4 years ago

You have to search for the remaining leaders of Team Plasma (The 7 Sages).
when you find one of them, he will give you a TM and then Looker will arrest him.
you can also visit new citys and catch new legendarys and old pokemon after the E4.

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No one exactly knows yet. I would also like to figure this out.

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Play the game, most haven't gotten that far yet.

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Game wise, there is a lot to do after Elite Four, like getting to new towns and cities, new areas, getting more Pokemon from other generations, getting the Legendary Pokemons, challenging Cynthia, etc.

Story wise, after defeating N and then Geechisu, Geechisu got arrested right in front of you, right?
That was one of the seven sages. Looker is looking for your help in arresting the other 6 sages.
Now you'll have to find the six sages who are hiding in very unexpected places throughout Isshu and call Looker up to arrest them.

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