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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you re-challenge trainers?

I have some imported lv 100's and an exp share for my pre evolved pokemon. Un fortunatly, my supply of unfought trainers is running out and I dont know where to get a vs seeker. I could challenge the league but they are boring. How do I re challage other trainers?

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There is no way that trainers cant be re challenged in this game, cause then that would be boring. as for the riches (the trainers that pokedude mentioned) after six days you will have beat the entire family and there are no rematches after that.

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I cant belive you guys. ok just to recap.
1) castelia city: gamefreak morimoto
2)nimbasa city: seasonal ferris wheel trainer and big/small courts daily trainers
3)cheren and bianca (bianca weekends only)
4)all trainers in black city
5) opelucid city rotation battle house
6) marvelous bridge girl triple battle every 2 days (for black only)
7pokemon league whenever you f***ing want to.

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From: kingkrown24 3 years ago

Guys you also forgot the trainers on the royal unova which is available everyday once a day between twilight to night which guys on there are 60-68 also there are the trainers in the 2 sport domes in Nimbasa city which are alot of them and with the amulet coin equipped you'll be rolling in cash. Same rule applies too you can battle all of them once a day you can also alter the time so you could battle them after time it's a new day and if that's not enough you can battle audino in the grass inside giant chasm. Oh and btw some of the trainers in the domes will give you items such as drinks, berries, nuggets even rare candies hope this helps. ^^

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You can't in this game, unfortunately. However, there are the trainers in Black City, and I think there's a group in the big house Undella Town that can be battled daily.

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The Elite Four and Champion can be battled as often as you want. Cynthia and the Game Director in the Game Freak building in Castelia can be battled once per day. There is a house in Opelucid City where you can do two Tripple or Rotation Battles every day.

Unfortunately, there is no Vs. Seeker in this game, so that's pretty much all your options for battling trainers. But if you're just looking to train lower levels, they will get an enormous amount of experience from the Elite Four if you EXP Share them.

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Just because you don't like my answer doesn't mean it's not true. I'm sorry, but there's no Vs. Seeker, no phone calls, nothing. Just Black City and the Elite 4.

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