Question from Xeliaely

Asked: 3 years ago

HOW do you use the survey radar?

I don't mean WHERE do you get it, I mean how do you literally use thesurvey radar. I noticed it's on the touch screen by the c-gear I selected the survey I was asked to use, and I can't figure out how to question people with it, I've been standing in the street in Castelia City where people run throughand I've been passed by so many ppl it's ridiculous! Do I leave the survey radar screen open and let it sit, or do I close it and try walking past people again? I also heard I can survey people with my ds closed but that isn't working either. HELP! (Be specific please)

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From: EliteError 3 years ago

Umm, you survey people in real life not people in the game, so say if I walk past you, your pokemon game would send data to mine. Thats how it works, hope that isnt confusing.

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When the game mentions "passing by people", it means "passing by other players with a DS and a Pokemon White/Black game".

You can even have your DS on sleep mode if you wish, as long as you have the game running with your C-Gear turned on. When you're close enough to another player for your DS' wireless signal to detect them, the survey will run automatically without your intervention.

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