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Are their any?

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Yes, there are glitches:

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I found one where I walked through a trainer when getting off of Surfing. I got a wild encounter right next to a trainer onshore, but I was surfing in the water. I got out of the battle, went onto the space with the trainer, and just walked right through him. It was pretty cool actually :D.

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I think there may be a glitch in my game because I catch both forms of the Pokemon Basculin and I should only be able to catch the blue form.

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YES!!! SOMEONE ASKED THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!! On the 3DS/DSi Connection Settings menu, or on the Pokemon Black Connection settings, switch your Auto-obtain DNS to No. Then, switch your code to Even if the test doesn't work, the glitch will. Go into the GTS, and recieve a random shiny Pokemon! If you want any specifics, go onto Make any Pokemon you like, even change their moves. You can even get Genesect, Keldeo, and Meloetta. I TRIED THIS IT REALLY WORKS but make sure to keep the link open when receiving the Pokemon.

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SWITCH ONLY THE PRIMARY DNS CODE!!!!!!! this is necessary.

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