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Asked: 3 years ago

What is a possible best team for the double battle subway?

I've beat it with:Hydreagon, Briavry, Blaziken, and Landorus. I'm now trying to beat it with:Volcarona, Archeops, Virizion, and Gliscor. I'm about too fight the subway boss and need some help.

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Key word-"possible"

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I agree WTF.

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There is no "absolute best team", as the game actively cheats to counter any team you may have.

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The game will calculate your pokemon's weakness and strategy while you battling.
For example: I thought it's clever to use explosion + Ghost partner. But after 3 rounds, one of the enemy ALWAYS Ghost type (WTF bro !!!)

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Right, there can be really good teams for competitive play. But the game calculates your team's weaknesses and exploits them. I once had a good team of Gigalith, Gyarados, Excadrill, and Beheeyem. (Double battle, if you need more info on it lemme now) But again it's better to test teams on online free matchups

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