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Asked: 3 years ago

Need to teach Scrafty Ice Punch, Drain Punch, and Dragon Dance?

I only need one more pokemon to finish my team, but I've realized that the only way to have a non-hacked Scrafty with Drain Punch, Ice Punch, AND Dragon Dance is to breed it with a male Smeargle who knows those three moves. I was wondering if anyone could help me out in finding one?

My FC is: 3525-1958-3940

Additional details - 3 years ago

I already have a Smeargle, I need a Smeargle that knows those three specific moves, and I can't teach it to him through PvP battles and PvE battles are not reliable enough.

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You can get a Smeargle in Black via a swarm on Route 5. In order to find out where swarms are, look at the big screen between routes.

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I recommend going into some tall grass with Smeargle and a a pokemon with an attack that you need Smeargle to get. Eventually you'll get double battle, and when it happens have the pokemon with the needed move attack 1 of the wild pokemon and then have Smeargle target your other pokemon with sketch. That should give Smeargle the move.

Just repeat to get the other 2 moves.

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Breed it with a Smeargle.

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Yes, Smeargle is indeed the only way to get all of those moves. No other way.

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