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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
>Is there a pokemon maker software for black and white? 1
<<<<How come my pokemons dont gain exp. points? 1
0Need major TM-HM location help? 1
0o0o+Twist Mountain?+o0o0 1
0o0o0o0+Any Level-Up Tips?+0o0o0o0 8
0o0o0o0o+Friendship?+o0o0o0o0 2
0o0o0o0o+HMs?+o0o0o0o0 1
About Shinies? 2
Action Replay??? 2
Am I doing something wrong? (Shiny) 6
Any 1 here any thing more about the 3 rare pokemon comming? 3
Around what level do you have to be to beat the pokemon league 2nd time? 7
Audinos give very little xp? 2
Bianca's Rematch? 3
Black/White or Soulsilver? 3
Can i beat 1st elite four and N? 13
Can U rematch the gym leaders? how? 4
Cheren at Route 10? 14
Confused with attack and sp.attck? 4
Could i have some help??? 13
Ditto? 3
Elesa's weakness? 1
Elite Four 2nd time? (after N battle) 1
Final Bianca Battle? 1
Gary in unova? 6
Getting Archen? 2
Grinding pokemon? 1
Hate asking this but how do you beat Cynthia,GameFreak,and Elite Four Rematch? 2
Help grinding before the pokemon league? 9
How can I get Celebi now? 2
How do Find N? 10
How do I beat (Dragons)? 6
How do I beat 3rd gym leader? 1
How do I beat Champion Alder? 5
How do I beat Cheren's Serperior??? 5
How do I beat Cynthia? 2
How do I beat Elessa? 4
How do I beat Ghetis ? 10
How do I beat Nacrene gym leader? 2
How do I beat second gym? 5
How do I beat the elite 4? 1
How do I catch Tornadus without a master ball? 11
How do I hatch my articuno eggs from the action replay code fast egg hatch? 1
How do I i find the secong gym leader? 2
How do I level up my Pokemon? 5
How do I make kyurem appear agin? 2
How do I rebattle ghetsis? 3
How do I rematch people? 5
How does a shiny pokemon look in the wild? 6
How dose Karrablast evolve? 2
I need help to beat gym leader shaga? 1
Im going to try Cynthia so hows my team? 9
im trying 3RD gym leader, hows my team? 4
Is my team any good for 2nd Elite Four/ Wifi? 2
Is the team good for beating everything in the game Including cynthia elite four both runs etc? 2
Is this a good team for a tournament? 5
Is this a good team to beat Elite Four for the 2nd time? 1
Is this good team enough for the Elite 4 second time? 3
Is Zoroark good to have against the Elite 4? 21
Like my battle subway team? 2
N and E4...? 2
N Rematch (Post-Game)? 10
N' fled with the black colored legendary.What should I do now? 2
Odd WiFi Battle >.< ? 2
Reaching Battle Girl Hillary? 1
Rebattle Reshiram code? 6
Rematching trainers? 7
Shiny Cobalion and Virizion? 1
Should I buy this game? 4
Team for elite 4 (first run)? 1
Two Pokemon At Daycare??? 2
Weird random encounter? 2
What happens if i killed Terrakion 2 times? 1
What is a good team for fighting the pokemon league? 1
What is the first gym type? 2
What team should i use 2 beat Lenora? Help!!!!!!!!!! 5
What team should i use for the E4 (first time?) 2
What's a good team for the elite four with snivy starter? 1
When can I fight my rivals again? 1
When Do You The Bicycle??? 7
When does panpour evolve? 1
When will I be able to catch Reshiram? 1
When you battle Ghenthis does N come in and help you? 3
Where are the Sages? 1
Where can i find a grass stone? 3
Where Can I Find And HM02???(Fly) 1
Where can I find kanto champion? 4
Where can I get a deino? 3
Where do you get??? 5
Where is N after game is over? 6
Where is the best place to level up befor the Elite four? 1
Where is the fire stone.Please make a team for me? 1
Which Pok'eball is the best to use when catching Victini? 13
Which Pokemon does Gym Leader Skyla use? 10
Will anyone help me with the elite 4? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
About dream world ? 3
Abyssal Ruins Advancement? 4
Action Replay code for Liberty Pass? 15
All THE Legendary Pokemon? 3
Anyone wanna trade? 3
Archoes? 1
Are there legendary Pokemon that just haven't been distributed or announced yet? 2
At Sazanami Bay Underwater Ruins, i confused why i can't go to 3f? 3
Big dream world issues? 2
Can someone explain the red boat in the unnamed pier in Castelia City to me? 1
Can Someone let me in there White Forest? 1
Can someone trade me a deoxys or a jirachi? 1
Can this game connect with Pokemon Diamond and pearl? 6
Contrary? 1
Deerling evolutions? 1
Deerling? 1
Different pokemon in dream world? 2
Dissapering Girl? 8
Do Darmanitan with ZEN MODE out of the relic castle regenerate? 3
Do in need WI-FI? 1
Do the 'values' of the trainers in Black City go up for each trainer defeated? 2
Dream world problem? 4
Entralink help? 1
Entralink issues? 2
Evolution? 3
Evolve Magmar? 3
Guidance chamber ? 1
Halp plz??? 1
Hm order? 5
How can I get ..........? 2
How can I get all the trio pokemon? 4
How do I capture Tornadus? 2
How do I catch torchic and others? 2
How do i clone pokemon and items in pokemon black? 5
How do I find each of the seven sages? 5
How do i find kyurem? 4
How do I get a Dream World ability? 6
How do I get a saved game on my action replay? 1
How do I get Landorous? 2
How do i get skyla to fly me in her ship? 2
How do I get through the Giant Chasm? 3
How do I get to end of the Abyssal Ruins? 4
How do i give an offering to the abundant shrine? 2
How do I reach the TM for telekenesis? 1
How do I solve (awaken Reashiram)? 4
How do you breed over all the IV stats from a Flawless (perfect IV's) ditto to another pokemon? 3
How do you get to n's castle? 1
HOW do you use the survey radar? 2
How to get Zorua? 3
How to make Shaking Grass/Dust Clouds appear? 4
How to register all 156 pokemon in the pokedex to get the national dex? 1
I need a rare pokemon??? 9
In Oplecuid city there is a person who asks for a pokemon that knows spark which pokemon is it? 1
Is Genesect the worst legendary? 1
Is it still possible to catch them all? 3
Is there a translator? 3
List of pokemon that can be caught in this game? 1
My country is not in Pokemon GL? 1
My Munna? 2
My pokemon wont dream? 1
Opelucid City help? 1
Opelucid City help? Ver. 1.1 2
Passcode in Castelia City? 2
Password from scientist? 1
Please trade!!? 1
Pokemon Evolution Help? 3
Pokemon evoulution? 1
Probably a stupid question,but is there a way to see all the pokemon without cheats? 1
Royal unova? 2
Suddenly everyone is much stronger than me? 1
The E4? 2
The Mistralton Gym is confusing!? 1
Time to get a shiny? 2
Time travel machine that requires charge and a future pokemon? 3
Transfer machine unlocking words? 3
Trying to find the guy in pokemon black? 1
Water type pokemon problems? 2
What do you get for using the survey radar? 2
What does Larvesta evolve into? 2
What effects does Pokemon Dream World have on a sleeping pokemon? 2
What is the average level of the pokemon in the Elite Four league? 8
What is the legendary pokemon in challenger's cave supposed to be? 6
What to do after Elite Four? 1
What to do when STRENGTH (in field) goes wrong? 3
What's the deal Unity Tower? 2
When can I use my old Pokemon? 1
When can you use the Relocator? 1
Where can i find N? 1
Where did my events go? 3
Where do I find Victini? 1
Where do I find Virizion? 3
Where do you get the Lock Capsule and how do you get it? 1
Where do you go after the desert temple? 1
Where is the "Water Vein Opening"? 1
Where is the third Legendary pokemon in the trio? 4
Where's the forest you find Zoroark at located? 3
Why isn't Prof. Juniper in her lab (need TM 54)? 3

Item Location Help Answers
Anyone want my Rufflet or Piplup? 1
Anyone willing to trade a 40+ whimsicott (prankster ability) for a level 1 zorua? 6
Berries? 1
Best way to increase happiness? 2
Birthday Togekiss? 1
Breeding help!? 1
Breeding legendary's!!??? 1
Can a Pokemon hold the Liberty Pass? 4
Can an eviolite be used more than once? 5
Can anyone give me a leagal thundurus? 1
Can anyone trade me a metal coat or Munchlax in HG/SS? 1
Can anyone trade me a tepig? 1
Can Gen IV TMs be transfered to Gen V? 1
Can I move my in-game berries to the Dream World? 2
Can I produce a shiny? 3
Can someone give me a tepig and snivy? 7
Can someone please trade me a WATER STONE? 2
Can Thunderbolt be obtained pre-E4? 1
Can you trade higher generation pokemon to lower generation games? 3
Can't find Emoliga? 3
Celebi Event? 2
Charmander? 2
Do any Trainers have Ferrothorn, Crustle,and Galvantula? 6
Do you think they'll make another main game after Black and White? 8
Does anyone know where the Leftover is? 1
Does Everstone still pass down natures in breeding? 1
Does the Evolution Stone affect Pokemon that don't evolve? 3
Does the griseous orb work on pokemon other than Giratina? 1
Does the Lucky Egg affect experience gain for all Pokemon, or just the holder? 1
Does the lucky egg cause weaker stats? 1
Does the rocky helmet stack with Ferrothorn's Iron Barbs? 4
Exactly whats the process of geting a pass power? from beginning to end? 2
Fire stone? 3
Have a spare? 2
Help on DW rain dish squritle? 1
Hidden items on rooute 6? 2
HM problems? 1
HMs and Gym Badges? 2
How can I do this? 1
How can i download nintendo events? 1
How can i get dream smoke? 2
How can I increase my chances of getting a shiny pokemon? 6
How can I pickup lucky eggs? 4
How do i get Entralink/Xtranreceiver too work? 6
How do i get rare candys? 1
How do i get Reshiram ? 1
How do I get the EV berries? 2
How do I get the Winner's Belt prop? 2
How do I master Feeling Check? 1
How do the power items work? 1
How do wings work? 3
How do you get Reshiram from the light stone? 8
How do you get TM31 (Brick Break) in Iccirus City? 1
How do you obtain the Blue Shellos? 3
How do you use cheat codes ? 1
How do you use the dowsing machine in pokemon black? 2
How I can get Castelia cone? 2
How I can get Victini withOUT Wi-Fi? 6
How many fossils can i get from the man in twist mountain? 1
How many Premier balls are available? 2
How many times can we get fossils at Twist Mountain? 1
How much power do blackglasses give? 2
How to catch Victini? 5
I need more master balls can someone give them to me? 2
In relic castle you can choose cover fossil or plume fossil can you please tell me what these two fossils turn into? 5
Is it possible to legally obtain a custap berry in BW? 2
Is there a Amulet Coin in this game somewhere? 3
Is there a difference bewteen PokeDollars and Yen? 3
Is there an action replay code for a griseous orb? 5
Is there another way to get another Masterball? 1
Is there by chance a Vs. Recorder in BW? 4
Legandary pokemon Virizon? 3
Luxury Ball or Friend Ball? 1
Macho Brace? 1
Master Ball disapointment? 2
Need a Second TM Trick Room! Will trade rares? 1
No more props? 6
Only winter items? 1
Pokerus good or bad? 1
Prop Guy in Opelucid City not giving me Props? 2
Pros/Cons of leveling with rare candies? 3
Razor claw?! 1
Shaymin? 4
Starter Pokemon? 1
Stones in Black city? 1
Stones? 3
The Driftveil Market? 2
Trade with me? 1
Using hacked TMs? 1
Vending machine question? 6
Victini? 2
Vitamins worth using for EV training? 1
Vs seeker ?????? 1
What city can I buy the drugs? 3
What do I do with the "Big Nugget"? 2
What do you get to signify that you beat the game (ex. league ribbon?) 3
What do you get when you pre-order Pokemon Black/White? 6
What does a Dubious Disk item do? 5
What increases stats more? 2
What is a National Dex? 3
What is Blue flare? 2
What is ev? 2
What is Lock the clown for? 2
What is the God stone is for? 5
What is the percent chance of finding a Leaf, Fire, Thunder, and Water Stone from the dust clouds in a cave? 1
What is the use of heart scale? 3
What moves activate the Bulb and Rechargable Battery's boosts? 2
What tms were taken out for gen 5? 1
What's PKRS? 3
What's the code for the Muuna C-Gear pattern? 1
What's the code for the Pikachu C-Gear pattern? 2
What's the difference between razor claw and scope lens? 1
Whats up with the pokeball? 1
When can I get TM 13? 2
When you delete a move with Max PP, does relearning it reset the PP? 1
Where are EV lowering Items please? 2
Where can do i find deino? 1
Where can I buy the stones that make pokemon evolve? 1
Where can I find (another exp share)? 3
Where can I find (flash tm)? 1
Where can I find (The bike)? 1
Where can I find (thunder stone)? 3
Where can I find a fire stone? 2
Where can I find a leafstone other than at the dock ? ( i need a second one) 2
Where can I find a light ball for a pikachu? 4
Where can I find a Moon Stone as soon as possible in the game? 2
Where can I find a precious water stone? 2
Where can I find a Second Lucky Egg? 2
Where can I find a sun stone? 1
Where can I find a trainer that has Washibon or Wargle? 1
Where can I find a Water stone besides at the pier of Hiun City? 1
Where can I find all the HM's? 4
Where can I find all the hms?!?! 1
Where can I find all the legendarys? 3
Where can I find an odd incense? 2
Where can I find Dive? 5
Where can I find drilbur/excadrill? 4
Where can I find dusk stone and thunder stone? 1
Where can I find Dusk Stone? 1
Where can i find eevee in pokemon black? 1
Where can I find eevee? 2
Where can I find Elemental stones?*fire stones,sun stones, the lot* 1
Where can I find emolga? 11
Where can I find EXP Share? 1
Where can I find Gram 2? 1
Where can I find heart scales? 5
Where can I find hm for waterfall? 1
Where can I find ice beam? 1
Where can I find Kelpsy Berry? 2
Where can I find kings rock & pure essence? 1
Where can I find liberty pass ? 1
Where can I find Lucky Egg? 1
Where can I find Magmarizer? 1
Where can I find Oobemu or Riguree? 3
Where can I find out my friend code? 2
Where can I find Pikachu? 5
Where can I find proteins to buy? 1
Where can I find Razor Fang? 2
Where can I find Sacred Ash? 2
Where can I find shiny stone? 2
Where can I find stone edge and brick break? 1
Where can I find strength? 1
Where can I find surf? 2
Where can I find Sweep Slap for Minccino/Cinccino? 1
Where can I find the Beautiful Scale item and does it evolve any Feebas? 4
Where can I find the Draco Plate? 1
Where can I find the Dubious Disk and the Upgrade? 2
Where can I find the dubious disk in this game? 2
Where can I find the first available leaf stone? 3
Where can I find the fishing rods? 1
Where can I find the fossils? 1
Where can I find the guy in twist mountain who gives you a fossil every day? 2
Where can I find the master ball? 1
Where can i find the monkey pokemon? 1
Where can I find The move ReLearner? 2
Where can I find the pal pad? 1
Where can I find the password for Porygon at 2
Where can I find the people that teach you water,grass,fire badge? 1
Where can I find the person who check your pokemon ev? 3
Where can I find the ragecandybar? 1
Where can I find the rods? 3
Where can I find the running shoes? 1
Where can I find The Vs. seeker? 2
Where can I find tm 93 (wild charge) thunder bolt, and magma rizer?? 1
Where can I find TM 94 (rockSmash)? 2
Where can I find TM 95? 1
Where can I find TM10 (HIdden Power)? 2
Where can I find TM19 Telekinesis? 2
Where can I find TM26? (Earthquake) 1
Where can I find Tynamo? 1
Where can I find Victin without event codei? 2
Where can I find Zorua? 2
Where can I find? 2
Where can I find?? 1
Where can I get the item in iccrus city? 1
Where can i see pokemon #'s 133,136,148 and 151? 2
Where do you buy tm's? 2
Where Do You Find The Everstone? 4
Where do you find the Fly hidden machine? 8
Where do you find the item maniacs? 3
Where do you get focus punch? 4
Where is Earthquake?! 3
Where is the boat that I use the Liberty Pass for? 1
Where is the fishing rod in pkmn black? 1
Where is the Soul Dew? 3
Where is the TM for flamethrower? 2
Where is the transfer machine man in hiun city? 2
Where is Zorua? 1
Which is better, Ice beam, or Frost Breath? 5
Which Pokemon gained new Evolutions? 2
Which pokemon is better to teach it strength? 1
Who do I sell The BalmMushroom to? 1
Why no Landorus? 2
Will transfered pokes stay in their balls? 1
Wing item help? 3
Wise Glasses or Choice Specs? 1

Level Help Answers
Anville Town's Lost & Found? 5
Any people wan't trade with starters for starters? 1
Are U.S. player able to get to the Unity Tower? 2
Best place for xp? 2
Best route? 3
Can someone help me understand EV's? 2
Castelia City? 1
Do the Abyssal Ruins close for good once you have the Crown? 1
Do you have to beat the elite four to get on the royal unova? 1
Dragon Pulse Arcanine? 2
Ev??? 2
How do i evolve my pokemon? 2
How do I get into the Dragonspiral Tower? 2
How do i get on the royal unova at castelia city? 1
How do I get past 1st floor Underwater Ruins? 3
How do I get past elite 4 the second round? 3
How do I get past Giant Chasm? 3
How do I get past Relic Castle? 14
How do I get past Underwater Ruins? (again) 3
How do I get past victory road? 1
How do I get to Anville Town? Please Help 1
How do I get to Shinpou City? 2
How do I get to the second floor of the Abyssal Ruins? 3
How do I restore the skyscrapers in Black City? 2
How do I...? 1
How do you get down the little ledges in icirrus city? 1
How do you get to Team Plasma's base? 1
How does my Samurott get the move Megahorn? 1
How far do you have to be in the game to recieve the Victini event? 5
I lost to Ghetsis (the guy you battle after N) and now the guy won't let me in where do I go? 1
Is this team good? 2
Pal park? 1
Please Rate my Team it it good? 3
Pokemon obeying me? 1
What after 8 badges & beat the champion & catch legends ? 2
What badges unlock Dream World content? 2
What can you do after game is done? 3
What level should my Pokemon be to defeat the 4th gym? 1
What lvl? 1
What route is Raimon city on? 1
What's double grass??? 3
Whats the point of pokemon Musicals? 8
Where are the possible places to use Dive, besides Undella Bay? 1
Where Can I train my pokemon from 40-60 in Pokemon Black/White Version? 1
Where is all the diving spots? 1
Where is Fu_kiyose cave? 1
Where should I train my Pokemon for Pokemon League round 2? 6
Which direction is liberty island? 1
Will this be good? 3

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
About the Dream World? 1
Are the plates you find underwater Arceus' plates? 1
Black City Help? 1
Can you go to other regions? 4
Does Trainer Red make an appearance? 2
Dream Roster?? 1
Has anyone translated the cuniform or symbol from the underwater abyssal ruins? 1
Help? 1
How bad? 1
How can i get an evee? 1
How do you re-challenge trainers? 5
How do you travel out of Unova? 1
How many Pokemon are in Pokemon Black, total? 3
Is there a pokemon lottery? 3
Is there a way of changing the name of my emolga I got through trade on route 7? His name is set to 2
Is there any side stories after beating the champion? 4
Like three questions. Help? 3
N near 2nd Gym? 2
N's name? 3
Point of the game? 4
Pokemon evoulution? 2 1
Stuck after Dragon Spiral Tower? ( possible spoilers. ) 3
The hero's age? 1
Triple battles? 1
Tubeline bridge got any trainer??? hw to find them 1
Tubeline bridge weekend evening got any trainer??? hw to find the trainer??? 1
Weird guy? 1
What is Dream world? 1
What's the story of Reshiram, Kyurem, and Zekrom? The three brothers? 1
When does the white hero show up? 1
Where do I find Looker? 4
Where do the professors get the starter pokemon from? 19
Which game features Zekrom? 1
Which trainers do you battle/rebattle ? 2
Why did Ghetsis send me the three Orbs? 1
Why did this happen? 2
Why didn't my Litwick evolve? 4
Why is Victini come before the starters of black and white in the pokedex? 4
will catching Victini early interfere with the plot? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
(Eggs) Does it matter how many Flame Body pokes I have? 2
a little question before I enter the metagame? 2
Abusing the daycare? 5
Action Replay DS anyone? 1
Any suggestions for Double Battles in Battle Subway? 1
Anybody really got 1? 3
Battle subway opponent iv? 2
Battle subway team? 7
Best bug team? 2
Best moveset for weezing? 3
Best non-legendary team? 9
Best possible unova team? 3
Blaziken team? 4
Blue Flare? 5
Breeding Pawniard? 1
Breeding pokemon with dream world abilities? 1
Bug building? 3
Can a (non-hacked) Dugtrio learn both Stealth Rock and Final Gambit? 2
Can a perish song be countered by heal bell? 1
Can ANY normal-ranged attack hit my partner(s) in double / triple battles? 3
Can anyone trade a rufflet to me dont care about the level:)? 1
Can anyone trade me a Rufflet and a Zorua, I missed the events and I only have black? 1
Can I trade with someone who has pokerus? 2
Can my team be improved? 1
Can someone rate my team for the Elite 4?(First time) 1
Can someone rate my team? 2
Can you alter IVs without hacking? 1
Can you help me make a good team? 23
Can you still switch with Volt Switch against ground types? 1
Catching Pansear? 2
Chaining help? 1
Color on stats? 2
Competative Metagame Question: Counters to Weather Teams? 2
Competitive battleing help? 1
Compound Eyes effect in detail? 2
Confusing Abilities? 1
Could you still chain shinies in this game? 1
Daycare EV's? 2
Does a pokemon gain EVs if it is switched out? 2
Does a pokemon with the flare boost ability take damage from burn status condition? 1
Does an adamant tepig's description matter? 3
Does Black City get bigger? 3
Does Dry Skin make a Pokemon more susceptible to fire moves? 1
does EV get transferred to a exp shared pokemon? 1
Does Synchronise work on Roamers? 1
Does This sound Good? 3
Eelektross or Galvantula? 3
Effort Value Training Guide? 2
Essential Pokemon Types? 1
Ev training explanation help? 2
EV training? 2
Evoling pansear? 2
Feraligator, Swampert, or Samurott? 1
Flame Body? 1
For the pokemon league 2nd time, which is better: Volcrana or Chandelure? 1
Foul Play? 1
Game sync out of power (past 24 hrs). Help? 2
Good battle team? 2
Good move set for Cof@grigus? 1
Good team against Cynthia? 5
Good Team For InGame? 2
Good Team Makeup? 3
Has anyone received a female starter? 8
Has the EV/IV system changed in Gen. 5? 1
Haxorus strong or not? 1
Help Breeding!!!!? 1
Help with effort values? 1
Help with my breloom? 1
Help with Wifi battling? 4
Hex and status effects? 1
How can I beat the trainers at the Battle Subway? 1
How can I get starters and legendaries in the Dream World? 1
How do i catch Victini at Liberty Garden? 3
How do I EV train? 1
How do i evovle roggenrola and what is the easyest way to catch? 1
How do I get Dark Pulse and Earth Power for my Deino? 7
How do teach a Smeargle all the differents moves? 1
How do you evolve Ferroseed? 1
How does a pokemon's nature correspond to its stats? 2
How does Pendora (#545) learn Megahorn? 1
How does Sandstorm defense boost work? 1
How many pokemon can eevee evolve into? 3
How much does Nature effect stats? 1
How to level Up Fast without AR or cheats? 4
How's my team? Please rate it? :) 1
How's this? 1
Hydreigon or Haxorus? Moveset? Strategy? 4
I can't catch Cobalion....? 8
i need HM? 2
If a move is the same type as the pokemon using it, is it more powerful? 1
If there is? 3
Is Audino good for competitive battling? 11
is Axew hard to train? 1
Is eviolite worth not evolving my pokemon? 1
Is focusing on training three Pokemon at a time a viable, good strategy? 1
Is It possabal to breed Kyurem? 1
Is it possible to stack / build up Charges? 2
Is it really possible to EV train a Lv.100 pokemon? 4
Is Leech Seed affected by Sp.Atk and Sp.Def stats? 1
Is my team good for online battling? 3
Is my team good for the E4 first run??? 1
Is there a way to have a rematch with normal Trainers in the game such as a Vs. Seeker? 1
Is there an IV rater in black/white? 4
Is this a good team for an upcoming tournament? 1
Is This A Good Team? 3
Is this moveset/item good for my Serperior? 2
IVs for Garchomp? 1
King's Rock + flinch attack? 3
Krookodile OR Excadrill? 4
Last pkmn for my team? 2
Leadoff? 2
Leech seed or ingrain? 2
Level boost? 1
Lugia can it transfer? 4
Moveset for gliscor? 3
Natures? 1
Need help improving team. Any help? 2
New to me? 1
Oshawott Nature- Samurott moveset? 19
Pkemon team? 4
PKRS & Macho Brace + Vitamins...? 1
Please can I get Pokerus? 2
Please help build/rate my team? 1
Please help me out with my Ambipom? 1
Please rate this team? 2
Plz rate my team?is it good enough?!if not,tell me whats wrong with it. 3
Pokemon Black - EV training isn't working? 1
Pokemon For Battle Subway? 2
Pokemon predetermined before hatch? 1
Pokemon Team? 3
Power leveling? 1
Rate My Competitive Unova Team please? 4
Rate my Rain Team? 3
Rate My Team (I want an all Unova Compete Team) Please? 2
Rate my team and Help with last member of team? 3
Rate my team please? 5
Rate my team? 1
Rate team? 3
Rate? 1
Re teach forgotten skills? 3
Recipe for a Zoroark? 1
Ripe berries? 3
Shaking Grass? 2
Shinies? 1
Shiny from eggs? 1
Shiny luck? 1
Shiny squirtle? 1
Shiny Zorua? 1
Should I catch a pidove and evolve it or wait for a better flying type? 4
Should I catch the evolution (stone evolutions)? 1
Stored Power? 2
Storm Drain+Surf=? 1
Team building help? 1
Team Valin help? 1
The abyseel bay aka the sazanami bay ? 1
The best pokemon team? 5
This a good team? 2
Thrash or Crush Claw? 3
Training place? 3
Trying to make the best possible team with what I have, any ideas? 3
Trying to plan a good team for elite four: What do you think? 1
Ununderstandable moves?! 3
URGENT- How to EV train a Garchomp that has 31 Iv in Hp and should know substitute!? 2
Vanilluxe Moveset? 8
Volt tackle? 2
Water vs Ground/Rock ? 2
What ability's can jellicant have? 1
What are all the HMs and other out of battle moves? 4
What are the all combo moves? 1
What are the best natures for..? 4
What are the best pokemon for beating the elite four? 1
What do you have to do to unlock the second slot in the breeding center? 2
What does Mold Breaker do? 2
What is a good moveset for Serperior? 1
What is a good Water and fighting resistant sandstorm team member? 4
What is good bisharp moveset? 2
What is STAB? 2
What is the best area (Pre-Dragonspire) to EV train for Defence? 2
What is the best ground type you can find during the main story? 2
What is the best moveset for kyurem? 1
What is the best offensive team of just unova pokemon? 1
What is the best Psychic type to get? 6
What is the best strategy for (Sammurott)? 1
What is the best strategy for beating the elite four? 2
What is the best strategy for defeating dragon types? 2
What is the best strategy for finding shiny pokemon? 3
What is the best strategy for making in-game money? 4
What is the best strategy for Wi-Fi battles? 1
What is the best strategy in general? 3
What is the power of a move boosted by stab and blaze? 2
What is/are the best pokemon to use for HMs? 7
What pokemon are the best hm slaves? 4
What pokemon will breed with my female samurott? 1
What sholud be my 6th pokemon? 3
What should I do to improve my team? 1
What should I fill my last 2 slots with? 2
What starter to pick? 2
What would be good for trade? 1
What's your favorite pokemon out of all the generations? 15
When are EV's applied? 2
When does a Pichu evolve in this game? 6
When should I evolve my eelektrik? 3
Where are all the locations of Gen. V legendary Pokemon? 3
Where are wild Kibago found? 1
Where can my Serperior learn Grass Pledge? 1
Where is Prof. Juniper in the desert resort? 1
Where is the move rememberer? And where can I find something to pay him with? 1
Which is better, Garchomp or Hydregion? 2
Which of the following walls are the best? 4
Which pokemon can learn the following moves? 1
Which Pokemon is the Master Ball best used? 1
Which starter pokemon is best? 4
Which way? 1
Whimsicott moveset? 4
Who is better Simisear or Chandelure? 5
Who should I replace Reshiram with in my party? 3
Who should I replace Servine with? 1
Why didnt EV training work....? 2
wHY do we say things?Like..... 2
Wifi team help? 4
Will this team suffice for the Elite Four (First Time)? 1
Zoroark illusion? 2

Technical Help Answers
Action Replay? 2
Afraid I will lose Liberty pass and/or Victini? 3
All the buildings in Black City are gone! Help? 2
Any "special" features on 3DS? 2
Any hope of connecting to my Dream World account? 1
Any truth behind this? 2
Bad egg? 3
Ban from action replay? 4
Can a male Scyther with bug bite breed it into other Scythers? 1
Can I migrate from GBA games (Gen 3 -> Gen 5)? 3
Can I still evolve using the GTS? 2
Can Pokemon Black battle (using ir) Pokemon black 2? 1
Can you battle the previous generation versions of pokemon if you have black/white version? 1
Can you play this game and White on DS Lite? 11
Can you share mystery gift items in pokemon black and white? 8
Cannot delete saved file? 1
Cant game sync? 1
Clock problems? 1
Communication Error during Random Matchup? 1
Different battle music? 1
Do AR clones read as legit or hacks? 1
Do PP Ups/Max raise the Pokemon's pp for moves in competitive online play? 2
Does a ghastly evolve into a gengar using the poketransfer? 1
Does Game Sync work with 3DS? 1
Dream Mat? 1
Dream World "Processing Registration Data" Problem? 1
Dream world eeveelution event problem ? 2
Dream World won't load... Help? 1
Eevee Evolution Game? 3
Egg event? 2
Entree link powers? 1
error 13267 oin GTS? 1
For the dsi? 1
Game glitched? 1
Game sync has run out of energy. It will take one day to recharge it? 3
Game Sync ID? 1
Global Link Access? 2
Hanging/ Freezing problem? 2
Help Please? Liberty Ticket AR Code help 4
How can I get Dream Pals? 1
How can i put save games in my ds game card? 2
How do i battle with hg/ss using b/w? 1
How do i clone pokemon? 1
How do I delete my saved file? 1
How do i get hm strengh? 1
How do I get pokemon from heartgold to black? 1
How do i migrate from D/P to Black or white? 2
How do I transfer celebi to my black/white game to get the zorua event? 2
How do I transfer pokemon to pokemon black? 4
How do you activate your mic? 1
How do you erase the game? 1
How do you get on the dream world? 2
How do you rebattle people? 1
How does the action replay dsi work? 21
How does trading between generation 5 work? 1
How EXACTLY can l migrate my Pokemon from older games to this game with that Transfer place? 3
How i can activate victiny event? 8
How is Entralink Supposed to Work and Why am I having Issues with it? 3
How to use relocator??? 1
How to wifi battle with a friend of mine across the world? 1
I can't get my FC? 2
I played nds game from emu,But it's always lag (lagging)? 3
if i delete my save file and i have UNCOLLECTED Mystery Gifts, will the UNCOLLECTED Mystery Gifts be deleted as well? 2
If I use an action replay can I...? 1
Im having problems with Extralink please Help? 3
Infared problems? 1
Infared won't work? 1
Is the Celebi event proximity or wi-fi? 1
Is there any other option other then PokeTransfer? 2
Is there such an AR code as...? 2
My game keeps freezing when I select a trainer in the GTS with Espeon? 3
My problem is shiny god animals for zurok? 2
Original Pokemon? 3
Pink Face? 1
Pokemon black freezing?!?! 3
Question about dream world on march 30th? 2
Restart game and restart Dream World? 1
Saves tab? 1
Seasons glitch and how to fix? 1
Trading between Black/White and Heart-Gold? 2
Tranfer help? 1
Transfering....? 2
Transferring evolved forms - what shows up in the Pokedex? 1
What "problem" do my pokemon have on random wi-fi? 2
What does it do a ''tick box'' in bag, trainer card, etc? 2
What happened to black city? 2
What's the code for the Target Lucario? 1
What's the option BATTLE COMPETITION in the main menu?? 2
What's up with Pokerus? 2
Whats the code/process for cloning with Action Replay? 1
When will Global Link go live? 2
Where can I see the ability of the pokemon I caught? 1
Which wifi settings does this game use when played in a 3DS? 2
Who is the pokemon that can enter Zen Form and how do i get him to enter it? 4
Why can't I access the dream world? 7
Why can't I battle in the sports domes anymore? 3
Why can't I get the Dream World Jolteon I earned? 1
Why cant i access the island of dreams? 1
Why did I lose my pokemon? 1
Why does my pokemon black unaccept??? 1
Why does Relocator not work? 1
Why does the game keep Freezing? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (communication error)? 3
Why does the game keep telling me (We're closed for today)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me error code-4? 2
Why does the game keep telling me my pokemon are not eligible for the global terminal? 1
Why does the game not let me open the Start Menu? 1
Why does the GTS suck? 2
Why doesn't the season change? 4
Why isnt my action replay booting the game with my codes? 2
Why?? 5
WiFi battle rule lvl? 1
Will changing DS systems effect the Global Link? 2
Will I have any problems playing this with my current DS? 2
Will MysteryGifts/Wi-Fi events be availible once you start the game? 3
[Glitch] Pokemon Black Mistralton Cave Missing Boulder? 1

Other Help Answers
>>>Do you guys agree? 1
>Hoenn remakes? 2
"Landorus is gone! What???" 1
(Dream world question) How can i see how many points i have on a certain pokemon? 1
(Duplicate item question?) 1
(Move tutor question?) 1
(Off topic) Dsi action replay for Ds lite? 1
(Second dream world question)How many pokemons can i transfer from dream world? 1
100 All wifi battles? 1
2 DSs, 2 games, so, 2 PGL accounts for more DW pokes? 1
3DS ALWAYS Ruins In-Game Clock? 3
3rd Version????? 2
5 Stars Trainer Card Action Replay Code? 1
A certain water type? 1
A few stat questions? 2
A question about extremespeed? 2
A question about pokemon in the dream world..? 1
A question? 2
A varied team,is this one good? 1
Ability help? 1
Ability question? 1
About Dream World Pokemon? 1
About Mirage from Soul Silver? 1
About the next event? 1
Absorbing items? 2
Action replay disc? 4
After Elite Four? 3
After finding all of the seven sages where do you go to find N? 2
After Seven Sages? 1
Any bonus for games in GBA slot? 4
Any news on pokesav b/w? 1
Any way to tweek breeing female vs males? 1
Any1 wanna Pkmn battle please? 2
Anybody wanna be friends on PGL or Pal Pad? 1
Anybody wanna be PGL friends? 1
Anybody willing to trade me a pickachu that knows volt tackle? 1
Anyone have Zorau and some other event pokemon? 1
Anyone know when Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect will be available? 3
Anyone out there with an action replay code that lets you change your pokemons type? 1
Anyone want a legit Lv.100 Arceus,Rayquaza, Palkia, and a Legit Lv. 45 shiny kyogre? 2
Anyone want a Zoroa? 1
Anyone want to trade? 4
Anyone willing to trade with me? 1
Anyone willing to Trade? 1
Anyway I can play this game on my computer? 1
AR {M} code? 1
Are EVs passed down from parent(s) to offspring via breeding? 1
Are stats affected by trading and migrating? 2
Are there more pokemon evolutions than these? 3
Are there Pro AR Codes out there that are legit that gives off event pokemons? 2
Are you able? 1
Arrrgh!...? 1
Audino? 2
Baby pokemon? 2
Bad Egg help?? 1
Base Statss? 1
Baton Pass on Kojondo? 1
Battle CompetitIon? 3
Best Eeveelution? 2
Best electric type pokemon for Wifi use? 2
Best legendarys? 1
Bestow move Question? 2
Better off? 1
Between Soul Silver and Black & White? 1
Bianca and Cheren change throughout the story.Who do they become or want to be? 1
Bianca won't battle me; what is wrong? 1
Black & White differences? 1
Black City/White Forest problem? 1
Breeding genderless Pokemon? 2
Breeding Question about Egg Moves? 1
Breeding question? 2
Breeding? 1
C-Gear? 1
Can a female pokemon pass egg moves when bred with Ditto? 1
Can a male eeveelution and a ditto breed a female eevee? 1
Can a Phione evolve into a Manaphy? 1
Can a pokemon legitimately have max iv? 2
Can a US copy connect to the JP Global Link? 1
Can Anyone help me get one of the shiny dogs? 1
Can anyone trade me a zorak or zora ?? 1
Can anyone trade me a Zorua? Or Zoroark at least...? 1
Can ditto breed with itself? 2
Can I access dream world from a DSi? 1
Can I Access the dream world on my PS3 or Wii? 1
Can i battle Cynthia again? 1
Can i battle my friends again? 1
Can I breed this onto this? 1
Can i catch a second Tornadus for trade? 1
can i catch Cobalion right now? 1
Can I evolve metang(lv55) to metagross? 1
Can i evolve my Darumaka to get a Darmanitan with zen mode? 1
Can I get a Trainer ID Action Replay code? 1
Can I get Pokemon from other Dreamworld areas on a profile without badges? 2
Can i have some of peoples friend codes plz??i need to trade pokemon 1
Can I rebattle N? 1
Can I reset my save in-game? 2
Can I still fight Iris? 1
Can I teach my Flygon Giga Drain, by any chance? 1
Can i trade action replay pokemon? 2
Can munna learn barrier through breeding ? with who? 1
Can my 3 starters + my ditto? 1
Can my musharna learn dreameater somehow if i evolved it before munna before level 41? 1
Can My team beat Alder the champion? 1
Can Pokemon from Black/White be traded to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? 2
Can Pokemon gain EV's after lv. 100? 1
Can sombody help me? 2
Can some one help me with a whimsicott wall? 1
Can someone explain me these terms? 1
Can someone give me a friend code for my pal pad? Can you give me? 1
Can someone give me pokerus? 1
Can someone help me transfer some of my pokemon from Pokemon Soulsilver to my Pokemon Black? 1
Can someone help me with entralink please? 1
Can someone please trade me the 3 kanto starters? 1
Can someone plz help me understand? 2
Can someone trade me a mew or an arceus? 1
Can someone trade me a pokemon with pokerus? 3
Can someone trade me a squirtal and a treeko to pokemon black? 1
Can someone trade me a Victini? 1
Can someone trade me a Zorua or Zoroark? 1
Can someone trade me Genesect? 1
Can someone trade me zorua or a zoroark please? 2
Can the Zoura you get in the Celebi event. Be Female? 4
Can this game be played on DS or it is DSI only? 1
Can this game use wpa? 2
Can you breed Zoroark? 5
Can you catch both Reshiram and Zekrom in black or white? 3
Can you catch familiar Pokemon? 3
Can you CATCH Musharna (interactively,not in grass)? 1
Can you get shiny pokemon from dream world? 6
Can you get zekromin pokemon black version? 1
Can you give me a list of the legendary pokemons ? 1
Can you have rematches in this game? 2
Can you help me out with my pkmon team ? 1
Can you only take back with you only one pokemon when using PGL,using dream world? 3
Can you rebattle gym leaders? 2
Can you trade a Pokemon from the third part of the Pokedex to someone who doesnt have the third part of the Pokedex? 2
Can you trade pokemon from diamond and pearl? 5
Can your egg be shiny? 2
Can't find TM AERIAL ACE? 2
Can't get this 1
Capture rate of Cobalion? 1
Card that gives tons of codes? 1
Catching All Pokemon? 1
Catching Deino? 2
Catching Tornadus? 3
Celebi and Legendary Beasts? 2
Celebi from HGSS? 1
Celebi? 1
Changing deerling? 2
Changing encounter rates? 1
Changing Japanese names back to English? 1
Checking on GTS while not in-game? 1
Clarifying physical and special attacks...? 1
Confusion about Global Link? 1
Cost? 2
Darkrai????? 2
dD u need the 3ds or can u play it on the original ds? 3
Ditto & Female DW pokemon? 1
Ditto DW ability? 1
Do Different Pokemon Appear in the Day/Night? 1
Do I need a certain HM? 2
Do I need to buy Heart Gold or Soul Silver to import my Pokemon form Pearl to Black? 1
Do other people using Ds' and the games need to be near me to be able to meet people in the union room? 1
Do you need a friend code in order to trade with bIack or white? 1
Do you think black & white are better than the previous generations? 1
Does a levelup move usually has it's pp set to full? 2
Does a trainer in the game have an Elekid, Electabuzz or Electivire? 3
Does Action Replay Lite MAX work with Black/White Version? 1
Does any trainer in the game have any of the following pokemon? 1
Does Anyone Have A Celebi They Can Trade Me? 1
Does anyone have a Victini they are willing to trade? 2
Does anyone know the AR code to find my secret I.D. for Pokemon Black? Please don't give me the Japanese one. 1
Does anyone know the Master code for Pokemon Black on the Action Replay DSi? 1
Does anyone know? 2
Does anything special come fomr shining the badges? 2
does black/white is compartible to the GBA games using the dual slot of ds or lite? 1
Does breeding a Japanese ditto increase the chance getting a shiny pokemon? 1
Does deleting a file affect wonder cards? 1
Does destiny bond always goes first? 1
Does Game Sync need Wi-fi to sync with the computer? 1
Does hidden power change type? 1
does pk black/white is compartible with the GBA games using the dual-slot of ds or lite? 1
Does Sawk evolve? 2
Does the game come with this? 1
Does this game feature the release of any new pokemon? 7
Does togekiss have another form??? known as the skyform 1
Double wi-fi Battle Subway? 6
Double wifi battle? 1
Dream Isle Exploration = Random? 1
Dream Points? 1
Dream world abilities? 1
Dream world Pals? 1
Dream World Question? 1
Dream world questions? 1
Dream world? 2
Dreamworld pokemon? 1
Dreamyard? 1
Drifblim vs. ninjask? 1
Dusk stone action replay code? 1
Dw question & dw porygon?? 2
DW search question? 1
Eevee? 1
Eeveelution Help? 1
Egg group guide? 1
Egg shinies? 1
Elite 4? 1
EV AR code? 1
EV calculator? 2
Ev training help pleaseee? 1
EV training spots? 3
Ev training with exp share? 1
Ev Training with feathers? 3
Evee? 1
Evolution?? 1
Evolve?? 1
Evolvution??? 1
Exclusive obstacles? 1
Exp Issues? 1
Experience? 3
Feebas? 3
Finding Pokemon in Dreamworld = random? 2
First time using AR some help? 1
For HG/SS Player? 1
Fossil guy? 1
Free Roam? 3
Friend code? 1
Friend codes (FC)? 16
Friend codes please? 6
Fun egg moves? 1
Game corner?` 1
Game ID? 1
Game reset? 4
Gen 4 Gen 5 Masuda Method matching? 2
Getting more trainers in black city? 1
Glitched attack? 1
Good Electross moveset? 3
Good haxorus moveset? 1
Good Hydreigon moveset? 3
Good Lickylicky DW Moveset/ evs? 2
Good moves for snorlax? 3
Good moveset for Espeon and Muchlax? 1
Good pokemon team? 1
Good Team? 1
Greeting message? 1
Ground shaking spots? 2
GTS only lets you trade..? 2
Hacked pokemon!? 1
Hard Reset? 2
Has anyone else run into trainers apeaking a different language? 2
Have all the new moves been leaked yet? 1
Heal Pulse? 2
Heart Scale? 1
Help me!?!? (SERIOUSLY!) 1
Help with wifi battling please? 1
Hidden abillities? Natures? Whats that all about? 2
Hidden Power breeding? 1
Hiun City Trades [In-Game], What Pokemon may I trade for what Pokemon? 1
Hiun city? 1
How are eBay scammers doing this? 2
How are the wings (resist wing, clever wing, etc.) used? 1
How can i change the seasons? 2
How can i find Cryogonal? 1
How can i get a Darmaniten with Zen Mode? 1
How can I get Giratina's orb in this game? 1
How can I get the Effort Ribbon in BW? 1
How can i get thes game? 1
How can i get Tornadus? 1
How can i go to the "Giant Wall"? 1
How can I teach my Lucario 'Bullet Punch'? 1
How can one get to rout eighteen its not on the map? 2
How can u get to the House on the south park of iccicrus city? 1
How can you change the background for the C-gear and the Pokedex? 2
How can you get the pokemons at the Sinnoh region to Dream World? Can you help me with this problem? 3
How can you get your pokemon to max happiness? 2
How can you trade pokemon from soul silver to black via wifi? 5
How com i cant use the wucr and get pokemon from my ss game to my black version? 3
How come its not letting me get Zorua? 5
How come my ditto,when breeding,dislikes certain pokemon? 1
How do i battle people who have hg/ss/plat/d/p? 1
How do I connect to another person's world? 3
How do I connect to the Dream World and connect to another person's world? 2
How do i evolve eevee into espeon and umbreon? 19
How do i evolve my beedrill to vespqeen? 2
How do I evolve my Nincada into a Shedinja? 1
How do i find a drilbur? 1
How do I find out my Pokemon's Hidden Power? 1
How do i get a bagon in dream world? 1
How do i get a horsea? 1
How do i get cobalion? 1
How do I get gen V Dream World abilities? 1
How do i get kyurem? 1
How do i get landerus and thunderus? 1
How do i get more residents/buildings in Black City? 2
how do i get one of the Elemental monkeys? 1
How do I get to dream world? 1
How do i get to mistralton cave ? 1
How do I get to the pokemon kyurem in giant chasm? 1
How do i get to unity tower? 1
How do I get to...? 1
How do I link up with another DS? 1
How do i make my kingler learn wide guard? 2
How do I trade for a charmander? 1
How do i transfer Soul Silver to Black Version? 2
How do i use the orbs? 5
How do the seasons change in the game? 1
How do you change the trainers in black city? 1
How do you get a pokemon's stat to the highest as it can go? 1
How do you get Dragon Pokemon? 4
How do you get friend codes form people inside game? like what to press and what do i need..stuff like that? 1
How do you get no anville town? 1
How do you get pokemon from dream world? 1
How do you get the c-gear skins? 5
How do you get the different forms of rotom? 1
How do you get the everstone? 1
How do you get to the dream world? 18
How do you get Zorua on Pokemon Black? 1
How do you invite people from white forest to black city? 1
How do you know your done with ev training? 3
How do you obtain Zorua? 1
How do you take robbie from black city to white forest? 1
How do you teach a Munchlax Whirlwind? 1
How do you trade with a friend over the internet without the gts? 1
How does Koromori evolve? 1
How does kyurem learn freeze shock and ice burn? 3
how far am i away from catching Reshiram? 1
How far am i from getting my legendary mascot? 2
How long can your name be? 2
How long does it take for an egg to hatch? 2
How long for eggs to hatch?? 2
How long is it? 1
How long is the game? 3
How long til you get an egg from the day care?? 1
How many "points" does it take for Black City to update? 1
How many Pokemon can I transfer from the Dream World in one day? 2
How many save files are in the game? 1
How to find shiny pokemon? 1
How to get Genesect, Meloetta and Keldo? 5
How to get more people in black city with no wifi? 1
How to get out of the 5th gym or rematch the gym leader? 1
How to get selfdestruct on munchlax? 1
How to get to High Link? 2
How to get to kanawa town? 1
How to get Zorua in pokemon black? 1
How to move those rocks in Mistralton Cave? 2
How to Shift Moves In-Battle? 1
How to train my Lv. 94 Reshiram to level 100? 4
How to transfer from gen 1? 1
I accidentally stoped my Ferroseed form evolving.when will it evolve? 1
I beat the game, and i can find Bianca in the Professors house,btu where 'o where is cheren? I just wanna talk to him? 3
I cant seem to get any friend codes in my pal pad? 4
I caught a pokemon & the pokeball only shaked once? 1
I do not get this!? 1
I don't have the fourth word for the relocator password. How do I get it? 1
I dont remember repel doing that?.... 2
I dont understand why my game sync's problems? 2
I finished the game, what am i suppose to do witht he post-game? 1
I got traded an egg which was holding an item. Is this normal, or does it mean it's hacked/ might not hatch? 1
I have a ? about Shiny Starter Mechanics 1
I need 1 more attack for my Samurott? 1
I need a drought vulpix, does anyone have one I can borrow? 1
I need a HM Slave pokemon? 1
I need someone to trade? 1
i only had 1 tripIe battle? 1
I put my friends Fc it my Pal Pad,. but every time it says there wrong. what's up? 2
I read that black city is where u can buy evolution stones.but when i got there the shop didnt have any.? 2
I'm having trouble breeding a vulpix with my Zorua. I put 6 different male vulpixs with it. Any tips? 3
I'm trying to breed a Pokemon...? 1
Ideas for a classic team? 1
If a Pokemon that isn't in the Unova Dex evolves before you get the National Dex, is the prev. form still registered? 2
If heartgold can trade with black,can black trade with heartgold?(it aint the same question) 1
If i buy the version now(not american) will it translate if my settings are set to english? 1
If i could just transfer the legendaries to this game,why would the trilogy give me the Orbs? 6
If I reset my game will I still hvae the mystery gifts? 1
If I where to.....kill tornadus..would it be gone forever,or would it just come back? 1
If you erase the game data, will your wonder card(s) get deleted? 1
If You got Rotom Through ordering black online With all pokemon in it would you still be able to change it's form? 2
Im not sure...? 1
In GTS,(not GTS negotiations..) can you only seek pokemon you've seen before? 1
Incomplete Pokedex...what am I missing? 1
Increasing population in Black City? 1
Is it coming spring 2010 or 2011? 1
Is it just me? 1
Is it just my computer? 2
Is it normal to have unlimited use of TMs? 4
Is it possible to bree Celebi and/or Jirachi? 1
Is it possible to make a pokemon forget a HM move? 1
Is it safe to clone Pokemon eggs? 1
Is it still a one time event? 2
Is it worth it? 2
Is it wrong? 1
Is my beheeyem moveset good? 1
Is My Ferrothorn moveset good? 1
Is my pokemon Black team ok ? 2
Is my pokemon team any good? 1
Is my Serperior good? 2
Is my Simipour's stats good for lvl 100? 1
Is my Unfezant good for lvl 100? 1
Is pokemon legit after checked in Pokecheck is allowed? 1
Is there a method where the pokemon will be caught always without a master ball or a cheat? 2
Is there a problem with my game? 1
Is there a way to increase PC storage boxes? 1
Is there any legit checker? 2
Is there any other way to make feebas evolve without trading w/ prism scale?? 1
Is there any way to get Suicune and Celebi in Black? 1
Is there any way to save multiple files? 1
Is there anything really really important hidden an/or found in the Challenger's cave? 2
Is there going to be a system like the GTS that will allow you to trade pokemon via WiFi? 1
is this a good moveset for my Emboar? 1
Is this a good party for a tournament I'm entering? 2
Is this a good team for Battle Subway and Wifi? 1
Is this a good team idea for the pokemon video game championship's 2011? 2
Is this a new feature? 2
Is this team good ? 1
Is this true? 1
Is this worth buying? 2
Item clause? 1
IV breeding? 1
IV personalities? 2
Japanese event Pokemon?? 1
Just a question? 1
Keeping a pokemon via global link after restarting? 2
Kinda not fair? 1
Kyurem? 2
L:evel Jump? 1
LF: can someone trade me a japanese dream world female Eevee? 1
Liberty Pass not working??? 1
Looking for Baruchai. Any white exclusive you want? 1
Looking for someone to trade me a miltank? 1
Lostlorn forest? 2
Low legendaries? 1
Lucky Eggs and Stat problems. plz help? 1
Making eggs? 3
Manaphy Egg? 1
Manaphy's best or worst Nature? Or somewhere in between? 1
Mandibuzz or Braviary? 1
Map Location Questions? 1
Meleotta Event? 1
Migrate Pokemon? 1
Migration? 2
Monster of Lacunosa Town? 1
Most Expansive and Explorable World on a DS Game? 1
Multiple games with Global Link? 1
Multiple weather effects? 1
Muscle Band or Choice Band for Metagross? 1
My Gardevoir is a girl and im breedign it with a ditto,but every outcome is a girl? 1
My pokemons are in the 50s, can I fight at level 100 in wifi? 1
My riolu and hitmoncham aren't breeding. why not? 1
Mystery Gift After Restart? 1
N's Castle TMs? 1
Need a good non legendary flying pokemon? 1
Need female drought vulpix, can anyone help? Thank you. 1
Need friend codes? 8
Need to trade Boldore for evolution, can anyone help? 1
New pokemon? 1
New types? 1
Nintendo GTS or WFC facts? 1
Old pokemon (latias and latios)? 2
One account or one game? 1
Pal pad? 1
Pal park question? 1
Password for transfer? 4
Password? 1
Peripheral? 2
Pick up game? 1
Please help me!? 1
Please help my team building? 3
Please? 1
Pls Rate My Team????? 3
Plz help how do you make eggs ? 2
Pokemon 5th gen battle help? 1
Pokemon Black Battle Please? 3
Pokemon black wifi help? 1
Pokemon Breeding - Is there a substitute pokemon for Ditto? 1
Pokemon Day Care Center? 1
Pokemon events? 2
Pokemon outbreaks? 1
Pokemon transfers in the game? 1
Pokemon wanted genesect un nicknamed i have event arceus. Can someone trade me? I have other good pokemon too. 1
Pokemon's personality? 2
Pokerus vanished? 2
Pokerus? 2
Pokerus?:( 1
Pokeshifter and National Pokedex after E4? 1
Pokeshifter problem? 1
Pokeshifter Question? 1
Pokewalker? 1
Pre evolution question? 2
Quick question? 1
Quiz mini-game? 2
Rare candies? 1
Rate my pokemon White team please? 1
Rate my team, please? 2
Rate my team???? 1
Rates my team? 2
Red and blue stats in Pokemon summary? 1
Relic Castle items? 4
Reshiram or zekrom? 2
Route 18 Egg will not hatch? 1
Safari zone? 1
SAGES locations? 1
Saves? 1
Seven sages? 2
Seven seges? 1
Shaking Spots? 1
Sheer force help? 1
Sheer force?(encourage) 4
Shinies - Starters? 1
Shiny breeding with another countries pokemon...? 1
Shiny Catch Rate? 1
Shiny Legendary Help? 1
Shiny Legendary News? 2
Shiny Pokemon breeding? 1
Ship repeatable? 1
Should I buy Black or White? 4
Should i get this version? 1
Should i got back in the dragon spiral tower ? 1
Should I tell? 1
Should I? 2
So I just completed the national dex do i get anything out of it? 1
Soft Reset? 1
Some one plz halp?? 1
Some Questions On How The Dream World Works? 1
Some questions? 1
Someone Making a Translation guide? 10
Someone please help? 2
Sometimes it wont let me switch? 4
Special move for him? 2
Starters? 1
Stone evolution? 2
Swarms? 1
The 5th generation with others? 1
The last option bar? 1
The relocator? 11
There is a battle frontier? 1
This is probably a stupid question abouit Balls..? 1
Thundurus Location (Black Ver)? 1
Togepi or Skarmory??? 2
Tornadus fainted... Help? 2
Trade Anybody?? 1
Trading from platinum to black/white? 4
Trading Pokemon over? 1
Trading pokemon please ! ? 1
Trading pokemon? 3
Trainer Nature? 1
Translate? 1
Tsutarja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru? 1
Two questions? 1
Undersea Ruins Items? 1
Underwater Ruins? 3
Union room? 2
Unlocking Zoroark in different game cart? 1
V-generate? 3
Volcarona and chandelure moveset? 1
What and how do I use a pass orb? 3
What are all Possible legendaries in this game? 1
What are all the legends you can get in Black/White? 2
What are the best legendarys? 1
What are the storyline requirements to be able to learn Draco Meteor? 1
What city is the move tutor located? 2
What do i do after completing the whole pokemonblack pokedex?? 1
What do I do in Black City? 2
What does "Fateful Encounter" Mean? 1
What does EV Train mean? 1
What does the dust mean when trainers release Pokemon like Scolipede? 1
What does this say? 1
What happens if I lose to either of the two final bosses in Pokemon B/W? 2
What happens if Poketransfer fails? 1
What happens when I don't pick a Pokemon at the end of a DW session? 2
What is a C-Gear? 1
What is a good place to train a low level pokemon? 2
What is a good team? 5
What is a trade board and where? 1
What is action replay? How do i get it? 2
What is an easy method to find Tornadus? 1
What is better, Pokemon Black or White? 14
What is good darmanitan moveset? 2
What is mienshao moveset? 3
What is so good about Zekrom's appearance? 1
What is the code for all TM's and HM's for Action Replay? 1
What is the code for the Pikachu C-Gear skin? 1
What is the difference between a triple battle & rotation battle? 1
What is the difference between the regular box art and the slightly different box art versions? 2
What is the Masuda Method? 1
What is the purpose of the man in undella town? 1
What is the unity tower? 2
What is there left for me to do? 1
What is this game ALL about?! 1
What just happened? 2
What level does Snivy evolve to Jalroda? 1
What next? 1
What places change during the winter? if so,name them down 1
What pokemon are version exclusives? 2
What Pokemon do you need for the time travel? Where is the rechargable battery? 1
What Pokemon is on the cover ? 1
What pokemon require special stones to evolve? 3
What should i do? 2
What the First 3 Pokemon names? (The Grass,Fire And Water) 1
What the heck is the black boat? 4
What to do after you beat the game? 4
What would you give for a larvitar with it's hidden ability? 1
What's an easy way to find Emolga? 2
What's the boy and girl names? 1
What's the difference between........? 1
What's the most powerful psychic type move and where can i learn it? 1
What's the password to give that scientist in Castelia city? 1
What's the point of the Unity Tower? 2
What's with Team Plasma anyway? 1
Whats better? 2
Whats the english phrase for the pokemon transfer machine? 9
Whats up with the dissapearing lady on the marvelous bridge? 1
When a shiny egg hatches, is it shiny on the hatch screen now? 1
When can I catch Kyurem? 1
When can you access the GTS? 3
When do you get to trade? 2
When does it come to australia? 1
When does lampent evolve into chandelure? 1
When does the Pickup Ability activate? 2
When does this game come out in Europe? Also can you get the old pokemon too? 2
When I threw a pokeball, it made a whistle sound and clicked on the first wobble? 1
When in the Island(you walk the 10 step thing) in DW,the random pokemon i meet,are those recorded down on my Pokedex? 1
When is the earliest point that you can trade locally? 1
When is this game coming out in the US? 1
When two different pokemon have an egg, whats the percentage of it being one of the pokemon, and not the other? 1
When using the PokeShifter, are the Pokemon in DPP/HGSS permanently gone? 1
When will it come out in UAE? 1
When will this game be available in English? 2
When will this game come out in Dublin, Ireland ? 1
When you fight trainers on the battle subway...? 1
When you trade a pokemon,can u trade that pokemon back? 2
When/where can I get the first ground-type TM? 1
Where are the fossils located? 7
Where are the highest level Audinos? 1
Where can i battle N again? 2
Where can I catch a Emonga? 3
Where can i catch Gothita? 1
Where can I catch Kibago? 1
Where can i change my pokemons name? 1
Where can I find a list of the sprites and their names? 3
Where can I find a Monozu? 4
Where can i find Larvesta? 1
Where can i find TM02 dragon claw? 1
Where can I get a Ditto? 3
Where can I get all the HM? Can you help me? 1
Where can I get the items from my pokemon after my pokemon went to the Dream World? Can you help me with this problem? 1
Where can i see Zorua? 2
Where can you get an orb that burns you? 1
Where do I find all the post-game legendaries? 5
Where do I find zorua and how do I catch it? 2
Where do i get/catch Archen? 1
Where Do You Find Desukan's Pre-Evolution? 2
Where Do You Find The HM For Strength? 3
Where do you find the new legendary dogs? 4
Where Do you go after defeating team plasma in the tower?? 2
Where i can find some some lum berries? 2
Where i can found / buy shiny stone?? 2
Where is Magnemite? 1
Where is N? 2
Where is the Draco Meteor Tutor? 1
Where is the macho brace? 1
Where is the Move Relearner? 2
Where is the person that tells you about happiness? 1
Where is the Tm that teaches earthquake? 1
Where is this place? 2
Where might I find the name changer? 1
Where to "defossilize" fossils? 1
Where will i find a Trapinch & Gible? 1
Where will the three pending event Pokemon be located at? 1
Where's dad? 1
Where's the move tutor in Driftveil city? 1
Which Axew is better? 1
Which elemental monkey do you prefer? 1
Which game is better?? 1
which game is more popular, Black or White? 1
Which is best,Serperior,Whimsicott,or Lilligant? 1
which is better? a Darmaniten with sheer force or zen mode? 1
Which move is better? 1
Which one should I pick? 3
Which one's black and which one's white? 2
Which one? 1
Which pokemon is better? 2
Which version is better? 1
Who is the 135 pokemon in the pokedex (unova)? 1
Who is the person you have to see to change the name of Someone's PC? 1
Who made it? 1
Who should i use my 2nd Master ball on? 1
Who wanna online trade? 1
Why are they switched (legendarys)? 1
Why can't I import my Spiky-Eared Pichu? 1
Why can't I trade via GTS anymore? 1
Why can't I use mystery gift? 1
Why cant my pokemon compete in random matchup ? 2
Why does Victini have the #000? 3
Why does Victini have the number 000? 2
why is Doug is missing? 1
Why is Pokemon White more popular than Black? 1
Why isn't my Dream World Leafeon in the Dream World? :( 4
Why only 8 Boxes? And How many Pokemon Fully Evolved? 3
Why so silent, people? Zorua?? 2
Why won't Ground moves hit Electrode? 1
Why won't my male Blitzle breed with my female Servine? 1
Wifi Club and Random Battle Problems!!? 4
Will anybody trade with me? 1
Will anyone help me? 1
Will anyone help with leveling my weak pokemon? 1
Will anyone trade for a brave meowth? 1
Will anyone trade me a pidgey? 1
Will someone give me Keldeo, Genesect, or Meloetta for free? 1
Will someone give me Keldeo, Genesect, or Meloetta for free? 1
Will there be a 3rd version of 5th generation pokemon? 1
Will there be a celebi event for black and white in America, if so, will it be by wi-fi? 2
Will this game come out in the usa? 1
Will transferred Pokemon keep their Gen IV caught locations? 2
Witch pokemon uses prism scale? 6
Works with all pokemon? 1
Yeah..Its about ships? 1
Zebstriker moves? 2
Zekrom and Reshiram? 2
Zekrom with Bolt Strike? 3
Zekrom/Resheram? 4
Zoom toss then one wobble catch? 2
Zoroark event doesn't function? 1
Zoroark Event with the Three Dogs? 2
Zoroark Help? 2

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