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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
Anyone with a female hydration vaporeon willing to trade? let me know! Ill exchange anything :) Open 3
Did I lose my Liberty Pass? Open 5
Does anyone wanna trade pokemon with me? Open 19
Gym Trade?? Open 5
How can i use a relocator? Open 2
How do i get my items back??? Open 6
How do I get tm 95? Open 1
Is it possible to trade mail on wifi? Open 2
Lock Capsule unable to transfer? Open 1
Looking for someone with a bagon? Open 6
Machine in battle subway? Open 1
Rainbow scale and dawn stone? Open 3
Shiny trade plz? Open 1
Slowbro? Open 2
Sure catch? Open 5
Tepig? Open 8
Trade stones? Open 2
Want to get a rufflet? See inside. Trade me!! Open 4
When do you find a Kojofuu? Open 7
When, where, and how do l fight Cheren in Victory Road? Open 4
Where can I find (wallpaper)? Open 1
Where can I find a thunderstone? Open 4
Where can I find all the hms? Open 1
Where can I find all the tm"s? Open 1
Where can I find an Enigma Berry? Open 5
Where can I find eviolite? Open 3
Where can I find the god stone? Open 4
Where can I find the power items? Open 3
Where can I find TM 22 (Old Man Bloking The Way)? Open 3
Where can I find TM 70 (Flash)? Open 1
Where can you find the strenth TM ? Open 3
Where do find the third cave Pokemon in white? Open 3
Where do I find the missing mail pieces the girl with the Wingull is looking for? Open 1
Where do you get substitute? Open 1
Where r the evo stones? Open 4
Which town/city can I find exp share? Open 4
Who do you get the Gracidea flower from in lacousa town? Open 5
Wi-fi evant pokemon? Open 2
Will anyone trade me a Rufflet or Braviary? Open 4
Strategy Help status answers
Anybody know the US Black ar code for 0 EV's in each stat? Open 1
Battle subway need help.? Open 2
Battle Subway Single and Double Teams? Open 5
Battle Subway Team PlEaSe help? Open 4
Beat Elite Four, how do I train lower leveled pokemon? Open 10
Best fighting pokemon? Open 4
Best movesets for....? Open 4
Bredding a Hippopotas that has Curse and Revenge? Open 1
Can any1 please help make a good team? Open 15
Can anyone rate my team? Please!!! Open 8
Can anyone rate my team?..plssss? Open 11
Can anyone tell me why it wont let me use a protien on my Lv.37 shelgon it said wont heve any effect after i used five? Open 5
Can I make my wifi team any better? Open 1
Can I teach a pokemon multible egg moves with multible parents? Open 3
Can i teach my lucario healing moves other than rest and heal pulse, like moves so that lucario can heal itself? Open 1
Competitive sandstorm team.. any suggestions? Open 3
Competitive Team any good? Open 2
Couple EV questions(?) Open 2
Deino breeding? Open 2
Does anyone know what pokemon are restricted by the Flat battle rules ? Open 2
Does rage continue to raise attack when hit by continuous moves? Open 1
Dragonite moveset? Open 3
Eelektross and Wild Charge? Open 4
Ev question? Open 1
EV train a Poke after its' Pokerus has healed? Open 2
EV Training Explanation? Open 1
Ev training hotspots? Open 1
EV Training Opinion? Open 1
Evolve my snivy? Open 1
Fast reply pliz. ? Open 2
Final move for Heatran (competitive)? Open 2
Gigalith moveset? Open 5
Good Bravairy Moveset? Open 2
Good Online Team? Open 2
Help about water ripples (fishing spots)? Open 4
Help making tournament team? Open 5
Help with wifi team 'updated'? Open 2
How can I check how friendly my pokemon is towards me? Open 2
How can i improve my team? Open 3
How is Dare Care levels determined? Open 4
How many pokemon can eevee evolve into? Open 1
How're my pokemon? Open 2
Hows this team for pokemon league? (second time) Open 6
I need a good pokemon team? Open 2
I need help forming a competitive team? Open 4
Im having trouble on the Leader of Team Plasma? Open 6
Infrared Trading? Open 2
Is it a Good Team? Open 2
Is my team awesome or what? Open 6
Is my team good for the rest of the game??? Open 2
Is my team good? Open 4
Is Rash A Good Nature For A Zoroark? Open 3
Is this a good team for pokemon league (first time)? Open 3
Is this a good team for post-Elite Four? Open 8
Is this a good team for second? Open 1
Is this a good team for the pokemon league the second time? Open 5
Is this a good three-man team for the battle subway? Open 2
Is this team good enough for beating the champions (cynthia and Alder)? Open 3
Is this team good for elite 4 second time? Open 3
Is using Action replay to maximize IVs considered illegal in competitions? Open 2
Lonely Nature for Physical sweeper types, good or bad? Open 2
Moves on Bisharp? Open 6
Need a team for random match?? Open 3
Need to teach Scrafty Ice Punch, Drain Punch, and Dragon Dance? Open 4
Not fitting in this group...electivire? Open 2
Ok what would the best bug ghost type setup be? Open 1
Party Help? Open 4
Please rate my team for the super double battle subway team? Open 1
Please rate my team for the super double battle subway team?. Open 1
Plz rate my team?is it good enough?!if not,tell me whats wrong with it.(Updated) Open 2
Pokemon Black how can I help my team? Open 1
Pokemon team help!? Open 1
Question about Happiness in IR, WIFI Random Battles? Open 1
Questions about Friendship and Egg hatching? Open 4
Rain Dance Team Rate please? Open 5
Rate My Snorlax? Open 2
Rate team, please? Open 2
Ratings Needed? Open 4
Redoing my pokemon party help? Open 4
Rember this Combonation Good pal Gengar ? Open 2
RNG for Shiny Tornadus and Thundurus? Open 1
RNG Help? Open 2
Scraggy breeding help? Open 3
Shiny Seismitoad Possible Online Strategy? Open 1
Sixth pokemon? Open 1
Suggestions for my custom Sun-based team? Open 1
Super single battle subway team, rate please? Open 2
Super team helping? Open 2
Team Rate please? Open 5
This this a good team? Open 2
Thoughts about my OU competitive battle team? Open 5
Thoughts on team? Open 3
Trading Help? Open 2
Training Strategy? Open 3
Ununderstandable moves?! Open 3
What are all the national pokemon? Open 3
What are some ideas for a drought team? Open 3
What are the best moves for a lead Smeargle? Open 1
What do you think of my Teams? Open 2
What happens if you Knock out a legend? Open 3
What is a good team for me?? Open 3
What is a possible best team for the double battle subway? Open 3
What is a team composed of? Open 3
What is best, Cofa gigus or Jellicent for beating Elite Four? Open 3
What is da best move set n for my Shiny Ferrothorn? Open 1
What is the best moveset and nature for Druddigon? Open 2
What is the best party pokemon for me? Open 1
What is the best party to use on wi-fi battles? Open 1
What is the best strategy for (hydreigon)? Open 7
What is the best strategy for (Winning online battles)? Open 1
What is the best strategy for defeating a Darkrai that spams Dark Void? Open 4
What is the best way to edit this team? Open 2
What to add or to remove? Open 3
What's LF and DW? Open 2
What's the best training spot? Open 1
When do you know if your evs are maxed out? Open 1
When should I start EV training? Open 2
Where are the best places to EV train? Open 7
Where can i get a panasear except the drermyard? Open 4
Which is the best Slowking or slowpoke or politoed or poliwrath? Open 1
Which team is better to play online with? Open 1
Which version has better pokemon? Open 5
Who is better? Goruugu or Shandera? Open 2
Wifi Team 3? Open 2
WiFi Team? Open 1
Will entrainment still work with gastro acid? Open 1
Will pokemon holding exp share gain the same amount of evs as the lead pokemon that is fighting even with power item? Open 1
Would Hone Claws/Coil counter Double Team/Minimize? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
Action replay wont take my game? Open 1
AR code for Secret Trainer ID? Open 1
Can you connect the dsi to the DROID2? Open 2
Can you trade pokemon with premier ribbons through the Pokemon Wi-Fi club? Open 1
Cartridge? Open 4
Delete save data help? Open 3
Ditto can't make eggs? Open 1
Does messing with the clock destroy the game? Open 2
Dream World DS requirements? Open 5
Entralink? Open 3
Error 85030... How do I disable firewalls on my Router? Open 3
Error code 52100? Open 1
Exp share ev training not going right? Open 2
Game Sync? Open 1
Gamesync has run out of energy? (yes, again) Open 1
Glitch? Open 4
Global link help? Open 1
Help Please? Liberty Ticket AR Code help Open 3
Help with trading online w/ GFAQS board members? Open 1
How can go into the dream wolrd? Open 2
How come i cant save a file? Open 4
How do i connect online? Open 1
How do i get 2 the dreamworld? Open 2
How do I get my Eeveelution through the Game Sync? Open 4
How do I set up a WPA connection? Open 2
How do you get landorus to battle you? i have a tornadus and thundurus. how can i get him to come battle me? Open 3
How do you register online so that I can use the GL:Battle Tournement ? Open 2
How to stop getting Error Code 86420? Open 1
I am having trouble getting into the pokemon dream world? Open 1
I can't connect to the GTS anymore? Open 1
I cannot connect to the internet? Open 3
I cant tell what my game sync number is? Open 1
I just registered a battle video to wifi and entered its number to my Global link ID as a favourite video, now what ? Open 1
I never understand what is a uber tell me what is a? Open 3
I repeatedly get Error Code 51099. Help? D: Open 2
I would like to hack, but am unsure if there are any errors that fallow? Open 3
I'm connected to the wifi but it drops when I enter the union room? Open 1
Is there a way to use extralink without local play or xlink kai? Open 1
Is there an AR code to turn my Pokemon shiny? Open 1
Is there an ev checking? Open 1
Issue with wifi? Open 1
Its possible to do pokeshifter with DS lite? Open 1
Landorus wont come out? Open 2
My ds got stuck up how do i fix it? Open 1
My game keeps freezing when i continue on my saved game. can someone please help? Open 1
Nintendo wfc settings? Open 1
Problem in the random match ? Open 1
Problem while trying to get to Cobalion? Open 2
Relocator not working? Open 3
Tradding problem? Open 1
WFC Error? Open 1
What are all the possible ways to trade pokemon from a japanese to an english game? Open 2
What's the option BATTLE COMPETITION in the main menu?? Open 2
What's the problem? Open 1
Where do i find my friend id code to give to other? Open 2
Why can't I bring people over? Open 2
Why can't i transfer Soul Silver pokemon to Black? Open 1
Why can't I upload my battle video? Open 2
Why can't I use the wi-fi room in the pokemon center? Open 4
Why does the game keep bringing up the move summary page? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me i dont have the right software? Open 2
Why does the game tells me *there was a problem with your pokemon and they could not enter* ? Open 1
Why my pokemon can't lvl up?? Open 1
Why wi fi room dont working? Open 1
Wi-Fi Problems???? Help?? Open 1
Wifi Club won't work, please help? Open 1
Wifi? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(Black city problems?) Open 6
(create your own question) To have reshIram/zeckrom? Open 6
(create your own question)How's my team? Open 2
(Tucked In Pokemon Question?) Open 1
2 Questions? Open 4
?Would you help me complete my pokedex? Open 2
A Good Moveset for Emboar? Open 2
A quetion? Open 1
About DSi enhanced Pokemon Black? Open 1
Action Replay Name Change Request? Open 1
Adding turtwig tree to pokedex? Open 3
Alternate music throughout the game? Open 1
Any bonus for games in GBA slot? Open 4
Any method to get swoobat wit its DW ability? Open 1
Any one willing to trade something for a gliscor whit poison heal or a gligar whit immunity?? Open 2
Anybody have a Mewtwo or Mew I can have? Open 2
Anyone Have a code for all entralink power and lv 30 tree ? Open 1
Anyone have a Female Dreamworld Vulpix? Open 2
Anyone have a Jolly Axew? Open 1
Anyone have a zorua? Open 7
Anyone have all pokemon sprites including diffrent forms? Open 2
AnyOne wanna battle (pokemon black) ? Open 1
Anyone want a zoark? Open 1
Anyone want to trade my shiny level 100 giratina for a shiny rotom? Open 1
Anyone willing to trade online? Open 1
Are there any ar codes to rebattle landorus? Open 1
At Dragonspiral tower there catch zekrom will the nature be different or the same we catch at N castle? Open 1
Axew? Open 1
Batte Subway? Open 1
Battle Institute? Open 1
Battle Subway and EV training? Open 2
Battle subway? Open 2
Beating reshiram? Open 2
Beating victini? Open 4
Best Nature for Kyurem (just for in-game)? Open 13
Black City empty? Open 1
Black city? Open 3
Black or White? Open 5
Black ship? Open 2
Block? Open 3
Blue Axew? Open 6
Breeding for egg moves? Open 1
Breeding problem? Open 2
Can a Pichu learn Iron tail as an egg move in Pokemon Black/White? Open 1
Can any please trade me a Zorua?! :/ Open 1
Can anyone give me a good 6th pokemon on my team? Also pls give me tips on my team if something needs changing. Open 2
Can anyone help me get all three starter pokemon just got the game yesterday and found out i couldnt trade w/ platinum? Open 4
Can anyone please trade me a Zorua? Open 2
Can anyone plz trade me a spare zorua?, im willing to trade a lvl 64 hydreigoin...plzzzzzzz ;(:( Open 14
Can anyone trade me a male Nidoran and a starly? Open 1
Can anyone trade me a thundurus? Open 2
Can anyone trade me a voltolos? Open 1
Can anyone trade me A Zorua? Open 4
Can anyone trade me a Zorua??? Open 6
Can i breed a male Tepig and a female pokemon and get a baby Tepig? Open 3
Can I breed for Petilil with Own Tempo? Open 1
Can I check how many trades I've done? Open 1
Can i get gen 1-4 pokemon? Open 3
Can I get pokemon from black into Battle reveloution and/or pokemon ranch? Open 1
Can I have a dream? Open 1
Can I have some friend codes? Open 3
Can i reamatch cherren? Open 2
Can I talk to people over the DS trade? Open 1
Can i trade from my english platinum to my jap black? Open 5
Can I transfer Pokemon from one game to another using the dream world? Open 2
Can I use a Celebi from Gameshark to obtain Zorua? Open 3
Can I use Poke Transfer between a DS and a 3DS? Open 2
Can somebody give me a snivy? Open 1
Can someone give a friend code?Can you give me? Open 12
Can someone give me Action Replay codes for pokemon black? Open 3
Can someone help with my team? Open 4
Can someone please trade me a gallade in the union room? And give me their friend code if it is neccessary. Open 2
Can someone plz trust me? Open 7
Can someone tell me why it won't let me sign up for smogon? Open 1
Can someone trade me a Bulbasaur for Black and White? Open 1
Can someone trade me a female dream world eevee? Open 1
Can someone trade me a pokemon wit pokerus? Open 3
Can someone trade with me?? Open 2
Can somone make me a shiny raticate and shiny beldum action replay code For pearl or diamond? Open 1
Can u get these new pokemon from this region on heart gold b4 it comes out and if so c an u please explain ? Open 3
Can you bring items into dream world? Open 1
Can you get more than 1 Pokemon a day in the DW? Open 2
Can you get previous gen Pokemon before National Dex? Open 12
Can you get them all? Open 1
Can you please rate my team? Open 1
Can you store Pokemon in the Battle Box, register for Battle Competition, and take them out? Open 2
Can you trade legendaries or copies? Open 2
Can you trade with me quickly? Open 1
Cannot connect to wifi? Open 1
Cant beat the Elite4? Open 2
Catching Zekrom and reshiram!!Help!? Open 2
Celibi,Dialga,Palkia? Open 1
Changing Name? Open 1
Could I access the dream world? Open 1
Cynthia Help? Open 1
Darkrai? Open 1
Did explosion mechanics change? Open 2
Difficult breeding logic loop, can you help? Open 2
Do you have to KO certain level pokemon in order to gain EV's? Open 1
Do you need friend codes to trade between soul silver and black? Open 4
Do you think theyll make a game starting with gen1 pokemon and work their way up? Open 1
Does any one have or can get a dream world vulpix with drought? Open 2
Does anybody have any of the following dream world females? Open 1
Does anyone have a dusclops for trade i am new to gamefaq here is my friend code 1549-4744-2161? Open 3
Does anyone have a extra Celebi and Raiku that I can get? Open 1
Does anyone have a female Pikachu? Open 1
Does anyone have a japanese ditto they could trade to me? Open 1
Does anyone have an extra Zorua to trade for anything? If not one of the legendary dogs or Celebi for the event. Open 7
Does anyone know when the 3 legendaries come out? Open 3
Does ditto work for the Masudo method? Open 4
Does Dragon Rush really cause Flinch like the move says? Open 2
Does fainting from using "explosion" affect [decrease] the pokemon's happiness ? Open 1
Does fainting lower a pokemons stats at all? Open 2
Does getting your own friend code mean going onto the Pokemon Global Link? Open 5
Does Migrating a Pokemon from Generation 4 count as trading? Open 2
Does my Crown Beast need to be shiny for the Zoroark? If so, can someone trade me a shiny Dog of the trio or Zoroark? Open 5
Does pokemon black version have the previous regions map?? Open 1
Does transferring pokemon early to pokemon black before beating the game mess up the game later on? Open 1
Dream World - Is there anything to do past 10,000 points? Open 1
Dream world help? Open 2
Dream World Island Areas have...nothing? Open 3
Dream World Italy? Open 1
Dream world pokemon? Open 1
Drizzle Politoed please? Open 1
DW ability help? Open 2
Dw pokemon? Open 1
Easy Money?? Open 5
Ekans w/ Dark Pulse? Open 1
Entering random wifi battle? Open 7
Ev training help? Open 2
EV training legendaries?? Open 1
EV Training questions? Open 1
Event zoroark? Open 4
Finding IVs, Is the Ruby/Saph out dated? Open 1
Finding the country of the pokemon? Open 2
Flat Battle? Open 2
four player battles in Pokemon Black/White? Open 2
Friend Codes anyone? Open 1
Friend codes? Open 5
Friend help pokemon black? Open 1
Friends on dream world? Open 1
Game glitching from edit? Open 1
Gamestop question? Open 3
Gamesync issues? Open 3
Genesect? Open 1
Get this? (killer7 spoilers, I suppose) Open 1
GL help? Open 1
Glitches? Open 5
Global LInk? Open 1
Going against Cynthia any ideas? Open 4
Good Lickylicky DW Moveset/ evs? Open 2
Good spots for ev training? Open 1
Grass or water? Open 4
Great tactics for my team for random match up? Open 1
Hacked parents, legit child? Open 1
Hacker help? Open 2
Help me with my moveset please? Open 2
Help Me!?! Open 3
Help understanding damage categories? Open 1
Help with my pokemon black team? Open 3
Help with question and need advice? Open 2
Help with Zoura!? Open 1
How can I get A Milotic on Route 1? Open 1
How can I get Victini after the event? Will there be another event? And how do I get Zorua? Open 3
How Can i Get Zorua Without the event? Open 1
How can I improve my team? Suggest another pokemon for me :) Open 2
How can I trade to random people? Open 1
How can you tell the difference between a dream pokemon and a regular pokemon? Open 2
How do I battle using Wifi? Open 1
How do I catch Victini? Open 7
How do I change my Trainer Card to Pokemon Trainer? Open 3
How do I check how happy my pokemon is? Open 2
How do I deposit a pokemon into the Global Link/Dream World? Open 1
How do I evolve eevee into leafeon and glaceon? Open 1
How do i find gothita in the dream world? Open 1
How do I find spesfic people on the Dream pad? Open 1
How do i finsh the game? Open 2
How do I get a Rufflet in Pokemon Black? Open 4
How do I get all 900 bag items? Open 1
How do I get Deino/its evolutions to learn Dark Pulse? Open 1
How do i get minccino with his dream world ability? Open 1
how do I get the move hydro cannon? Open 1
How do i get to relic castle? Open 1
How do I know I catched a faithful Pokemon? Open 1
How do I let people I'm trading with know that the pokemon I'm trading has perfect IVs? Open 1
How do I level up in the Dream World? Open 2
How do i transfer the event pokemon? Open 3
How do trade to evolve roggenrola? Open 1
How do u avoid teh clik wen u go to abyssal ruins? Open 2
How do you acess dream world? Open 1
How do you get a leve nine or less Reshiram? Open 3
How do you get past the gate in driftveil city? Open 1
How do you get the zorua event? Open 3
How do you get to Black City? Open 2
How do you get to the Entralink? Open 3
How do you get Zorua on Pokemon Black? Open 1
How do you know what stat to EV in? Open 1
How do you teach meloeta ancient song? Open 2
How far do i have to get to get the liberty pass? Open 2
How long does it usually take to hatch a shiny via MM? Open 2
How many eggs have to hatch before a shiny Pokemon comes from egg? Open 2
How many pokemon in this game? Open 6
How to activate Mystery gift via WiFi Connection? Open 1
How to battle with Flat Battle mode? Open 1
How to breed stealth rock into larvitar? Open 1
How to cross the High Link Barrier? Open 1
How to do 6vs6 wifi battles? Open 1
How to get a Dream World Mudkip? Open 2
How to get to battle girl hillary on route 18? Open 1
How to get to the center? Open 1
How to level up faster? Open 4
How to obtain ??? Open 1
How to play with legendary pokemon on competition combat ? Open 1
I Already Have the Liberty Pass but why cant i go to Liberty Island? Open 3
I am about to take on elite four for first time, need help with party pokemon? Open 2
I can't beat the elite4? Open 3
I can't get national pokedex. I beat elite 4 , champion and got in hall of fame twice. What am I missing? Open 2
I found a stoutland lv.23!!! In pokemon Black and White,Is this rare?? Open 1
I have two questions...? Open 1
I killed Cobalion? Open 3
I missed the event(s) to get a zorua and a zoruark. Will anybody be willing to trade me for either of those? I Open 4
I need a ditto someone help me out!? Open 2
I need a vullaby? Open 2
I need someone to trade and battle? Open 1
I need to know if a japanese black version can battle with an english one? Open 1
I need your opinion!? Open 1
I need your opinion!? ( Part 2) Open 3
I need your opinion!? (Part 3) Open 3
I'm trading any of these pokemon for a vullaby and tornadus? Open 2
If i chose tepig what pokemon should i get to make a good team? Open 2
If I Delete my pokemon black game my game sync id will change? Open 2
If i restart my game can i use an event again?? Open 1
Importing? Open 2
Is any one willing to trade me any of the eveeloutions? Open 3
Is anyone willing to trade a oshawott,dewott,samurwatt? Open 1
Is anyone willing to trade a Zoura? Open 1
Is Braviary only available in Pokemon White? Open 1
Is it possible to abuse the dreamworld point system? Open 4
Is it still possible to trade across the global trading station? Open 1
Is my Axew good enough or MORE BREEDING?! Open 3
Is my shiny shaymin fake?? Open 2
Is that a a way to check zekrom and reshiram nature before fighting N? Open 3
Is the Pokewalker going to be in Black/White? Open 2
Is the shiny rate in this game increased or still the same? Open 2
Is there a way of checking to see if a pkmn I got in a trade is legit or hacked/cloned/fake? Open 2
Is there a way to get froslass wit her dream world ability? Open 1
Is there a way to get more trainer types to choose from? Open 1
Is there a way to Pass PokePowers during breeding like how you can pass natures with Everstones? Open 1
Is there an event boards? Open 1
Is there anyone willing to give me pokemon? Open 2
Is this a good team against the elite four? Open 1
Is this a good team for the Pokemon League? Open 3
Is using pokegen for moveset and IV not Allowed at the nintendo? Open 1
IV guy where is he? Open 3
Just asking..? Open 1
Legendary pokemon list? Open 3
Legitimacy? Open 1
Level Scaling? Open 1
LF:shiny charmanderi FT:samurott? Open 1
Lock Capsule? Open 2
Looker tells me about N? Open 1
Looking for promo codes for global link? Open 1
Looking for the promotional codes? Open 6
Looking to build a team around Snivy any help? Open 1
Mistralton Cave? Open 1
My game does not connect to the internet,why is this? Open 1
National Dex Help? Open 1
Need DW Dratini and gligar some1 help me please? Open 2
Need Friend Code? Open 3
Need help w/ Shiny and Pokemon Arceus? Open 1
New City Trainers? Open 1
New region? Open 1
Nintendo legit AR codes? Open 1
Of these Pokemon, what should I add to my team ( or what should it be? ) Open 1
Ok who has thundorus? Anybody? Open 1
Oshawott and tepig trade? Open 1
Other country ditto? Open 1
Phione? Open 1
Pidgey Breeding Question? Open 1
Please breed me a zorua male? Open 1
Please detail about belle? Open 2
Pls Rate My Samurott? Open 2
Pls Rate my Team for the Elite 4? Open 1
Pls Rate Myy Team? Open 1
Point of no return? Open 2
Pokedex help? Open 1
Pokemon ability opinions? Open 4
Pokemon Black Grass Help? Open 2
Pokemon black Wifi Single battle help? Open 3
Pokemon black-need a friend to trade with via wifi? Open 2
Pokemon Breeder/Trainer? Open 1
Pokemon breeding with ditto? Open 2
Pokemon from other gen? Open 1
pokemon from Pokegen? Open 1
Pokemon future games? Open 2
Pokemon Grey? Open 3
Pokemon in the center of pinwheel forest? Open 2
Pokemon Move? Open 2
Pokemon Nature question? Open 1
Pokemon Selector? Open 1
Pokemon Trade? Open 1
Pokemon? Open 2
Pokesav for the DS version? Open 1
Poli/wag/whirl/toed with swiftswim/drizzle ? Open 1
Possible to clone through trading? Open 1
Problem with battle system? Open 1
Purple Axew? Open 4
Quick q about Ability: Magic Bounce? Open 1
Quick Question about dreamworld? Open 2
Rate my team/party? Open 2
Rate my team??? Open 4
Record them? Open 1
Relic Mainiac? Open 1
Relicator? Open 1
removing/reseting EVs? Open 3
Riolu evolution help? Open 2
Rte my team for the 4th gym leader? Open 3
Rufflet for complete Pokedex? Open 3
Save file? Open 1
Season changes; Can it damage your DS? Open 5
Seeing N again? Open 1
Serperior? Open 2
Seven Sages: Now what? Open 2
Shiney Beast Pkmn? Open 2
Shiny Action Replay Cheat? Open 2
Shiny help? Open 5
Shiny Leaf/Leaf Crown transfer over from Gold/Silver? Open 2
Shiny pokemon in double grass? Open 3
Shiny reshiram? Open 2
Sinnoh? Open 2
Swapping pokemon while hatching for shinies? Open 2
Teddiursa? Open 1
The man in Yaguruma Forest won't let me through? Open 2
The Transfer Machine? Open 1
This question is for both black & white... what kind of trainer can you be in the japanese black and white? Open 1
Thundorus trade? Open 1
Time travel? Open 1
To Get Zorua, do u need to get a shiny legendary dog or is it ok if its not shiny? Open 6
Tornadus' Storms? Open 6
Tornadus? Open 2
Trade Arcues? Open 1
Trade me a Tentacruel? Open 1
Trade my Vullaby for a Rufflet? Open 1
Trade Rufflet for Vullaby? Open 5
Trade)? Open 1
Trade?? Open 1
Trading Eggs? Open 1
Traspasing pokes from hg/ss to black/white? Open 1
Urgent!?!?!?!?!?! Open 2
Using AR codes to find Pokemon, can I breed them? Open 2
UT what does it mean? Open 1
Victini Event? Help! Open 2
Victini on Action Replay? Open 1
Victini Trade Please? Open 1
Victiny on Liberty Island? Open 1
Vs seeker? Open 3
Want a Deino with dark pulse? Open 2
What are 8 good Fire type and 8 good Electric type Pokemon? Open 1
What are the best pokemon out of all 649? Open 11
What are the flaws (if any) with this Line-up? Open 1
What are the new legendaries? Open 4
What do I do? Open 1
What do the shapes mean? Open 2
What does the black ship do/what is it for? Open 3
What EV for my Zorua? Open 1
What is a good fire pokemon to raise and how do I get it? Open 3
What is the Action replay code for pokemon black? (March 6 in North America version) Open 1
What is the best flying type pokemon? Open 2
What is the C-gear? Open 1
What is the pokemon daycare gear "glitch"? Open 1
What is the purpose of ranking in Battle Subway Wi-Fi? Open 1
What is the rate of shiny pokemon here? Open 2
What level does Darumaka evolve? Open 3
What level does Tirtouga evolve at ? Open 1
What pokemon are great dragon killers? Open 6
What pokemon Do I need to defeat Ghetsis?? Open 1
What Pokemon do Team Plasma use? Open 2
What pokemon will make a great team? Open 4
What should I do with this Solosis? Open 1
Whats a good strategy for this team on Wi - Fi? Open 1
Whats the place all the way to the left of the map, and in the middle of the map that looks like a pokeball? Open 1
When can you get the Liberty Pass in the Philippines? Open 2
When do you start doing 3 on 3 battles? Open 3
When I try communication throught voice chat, why isin't it asking if I accept communication? Open 1
When is the date this game will be released in the US? Open 2
When pokemon trade becomes avalaible? Open 2
When will this game come out in the usa? Open 5
When/how can I access the basement of the Abandoned Lot of Dreams? Open 1
Where are all the daily battle trainers? Open 3
Where can I catch a Feebas? Open 2
Where Can i Download? Open 1
Where can I find boledour so I can get an emolga? Open 2
Where can i find pokemon???????? Open 3
Where can I find the trading board? Do you know where it is? Open 3
Where can I find these pokemon? Open 1
Where do you find genesect? Open 5
Where do you find snorunt? Open 1
Where's the name-rating service building? Open 1
Where/how to get the water-fighting legendary? Open 2
Where/what is the old timey pokemon that knows charge? Open 2
Which dragon type pokemon should i choose from? Open 1
Which form of Rotom is the best? Open 2
Which is better? Open 3
Which of the old pokemon (Gen 1-4) are available in Pokemon Black? Open 2
Which Pokemon can't be shown in GTS Negotiations? Open 4
Which Scyther should I evolve? Open 1
White Forest? Open 2
Who is marshal? Open 1
Who wanna help me? D: Open 1
Who wanna trade pokemon im lookin to trade for legendary pokemon? Open 5
Why can't I connect to another person world/high link? Open 2
Why can't I get Landlorus!?!?!? Open 3
Why do I keep getting an error code whenever I enter the GTS? Open 1
Why the guy at the yellow line at the battle subway don't let me pass? Open 1
Why won't my pokemon party work on global battle? Open 1
Wierd Black City? Open 2
Wifi update? Open 1
Wild Pokemon modifier code...? Open 1
Will a Pokemon show up as seen after I battled it in the subway line? Open 1
Will someone battle me in pokemon black? Open 4
Will someone get me a aron with heavy metal? Open 1
Will there be a special edition for Black/White? Open 3
Wishing Eevee? Open 2
Witch is better? Open 7
With the VS recorder?.. Open 1
Would either Adamant or Jolly be a good nature for an Ambipom? Open 3
Would someone be willing to trade me a high leveled Umbreon? Open 1
Zoroark Trade, Anyone? Open 3
Zoroua? Open 3
Zorua event? Open 2
Zorua GTS problem? Open 1

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