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Asked: 4 years ago

Full word list?

Does anyone know where I can find a full word list (including adjectives) or the file from pikimal before it was removed.

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Thank you very much SheeEttin

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Thank you ever so much Ejb5000, best answer given

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From: Ejb5000 4 years ago

If you are ok downloading and the one isnt working, type "super scribblenauts word list megaupload" into google and the second or third one down should say MEGAUPLOAD. Click on that and type in the four letter code it tells you to type in, in the upper right corner. wait for the 45 second wait to be finished thenclick the download button that replaces the countdown. The file will be a .zip file so make sure you have a program that can open it. In side their are two .txt files, one contains all of the adjectives and one contains all of the objects. Hope that this helps!

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Here's a list that should be more-or-less complete.
mediafire . com/?144tansvmikhg8k

405,049 lines, completely unedited, so some lines are combined and some non-word entries appear here and there (as well as miscellaneous punctuation). Nouns first, adjectives begin around line 250,876.
I think lines starting with an @ are internal game words, so they probably don't work (any that do would also be in the regular list).

Also that's the list of words in all languages, not just English.

This was made by running the Unix utility "strings" on the game.

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I need a full list of all words and adjectives

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Hey you were the one that helped me with superscribblenautica!!!

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