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What are the Smallest and Largest Possible Objects?

For the two merits, what are the smallest possible object and the largest possible object that you need to create?

ultimatbookworm provided additional details:

i discovered that rocket ship will get you the Ginormous merit

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GertySnerty answered:

I used subatomic particle also (for the 'smallest object' merit.) For the biggest, it was during the mythical creatures fight level. I put colossal something or other, and it worked for the biggest object merit.
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i_like_poop answered:

Smallest Object: molecular ant
Biggest Object: Giant Giant (or Gigantic City)
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Man_Carrot answered:

I got Monster Truck as the largest, and Tiny Pea as the smallest.
I think anything really huge or small will unlock the achievement, it's not one specific thing.
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GespenstKAF answered:

Smallest: microscopic kidney stone (this worked for me)
Biggest: gigantic city
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Emp0le0n answered:

Titanic City
Microscopic pixel
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neku1221 answered:

From what I've read, anything microscopic is the smallest size you can give something, and colossal is the largest
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houndoomrulz answered:

I used Massive Giant as the largest and Miniscule Dwarf for the smallest
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Schattendrachen answered:

I used "subatomic particle" for my smallest.
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Danny00618 answered:

I used colossal Titan and a microscopic pixel.
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Metal_Cyborg answered:

For the biggest use: Colossal T-Rex / Meteor / Titan
For the smallest use: Microscopic Dot
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FireCharizard answered:

Biggest; Titanic anything
Smallest; Tiny Ant

Just put Titantic something or tiny something. I hope this helps and good luck!
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kopo12 answered:

Giant hydra
Microscopic pixel
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wackyman444 answered:

Biggest: Giant Giant Squid
Smallest; tiny pixel
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