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Asked: 4 years ago

Where is the move deleter?

Evidently it's been too long since I last played a pokAmon game, because I forgot you can't unlearn HMs by yourself. Where is the move deleter so I can replace an HM with some actually helpful moves?

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From: Seven_Fates 3 years ago

The move deleter is in the house to the right of the Mistralton City Pokemon Center. Inside this house are four NPCs. The top right, the old man, is the Move Deleter. The top left NPC is the Move Relearner, once again preforming the relearning service in exchange for Heart Scales. The bottom left is useless, while the bottom right explains how to get Heart Scales in Black and White.

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See at coverage days

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The move deleter can be found in Fu_kiyose City (the city with the airport).
There is actually no underscore (_)to the city's name. It's just that I had to give it because gamefaqs thinks it's censor bypassing... :(
Just head inside the house to the right of the Pokemon center.
Inside the house, the person standing at the top left side in the house can delete moves.

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Misstralton City (not sure if that is spelled right).

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The deletor is in mistralton city. Hope that helps

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