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Asked: 4 years ago

Should I buy Black or White?

I wonder because I'm planning of buying one of them.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Can you get Zekrom in Black too? And what do you mean with PURE-FLYING LEGENDARY?

Additional details - 4 years ago

If it is like heartgold and soulsilver then you can get the other one as well. CAN YOU GET ZEKROM IN BLACK??? I want a clear answer couse i have a little problem with English!

Additional details - 4 years ago

Can I get some extra info on on the Black City/White Forest?

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From: HG_P_D_E 4 years ago

Black of course!! It has Reshiram and the PURE-FLYING LEGENDARY as exclusives. also, a town in Black is very futuristic while in white is old-traditional...Finally, the exclusive area Black CIty is a bonus! White is much worse... Your choice!

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That wrong man get wat ever u want cause it like soul silver and heart gold there differents thing in each one and plus there a white legendary in pokemon black lol :D but white is just the same as black alittle different stuff like the black city in black hmmm white forest in white. there that green jelly pokemon in white and a black psy pokemon in black there very little things that different so choose one or get both and remember check out my channel on and subcribe

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hhhhmmmm sadly no but when u fight N later on u well c him.

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Why dont u check this place out this should answer all ur questions

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Whatever you choose. Black City? I'll take hiun instead. Also, white forest has lots'a rares. Loads to be exact. Remember, there are always japanese people who will happily trade a magikarp for a Shiny Genosect!

my proof: Diamond.
feh... Puts up camerupt lvl 50.
1 day later....
Gets a shiny lvl 100 awesome palkia back! Japanese too! YAY

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Black city: High level trainers with high evolutions
White forest: low level wilds that grow into black cities evolutions.
Zekrom is unobtainable in black.

But hang on, what about the next game?! Y'know. like platinum.

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It's up to you, but Pokemon White has far much more version-exclusive Pokemon, due to White Forest over Black City. And in Pokemon White, you get Zekrom.

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