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Where to find Ralts?

I checked already saying that it's in the White Forest. But I can't find it....Help me?

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Does it have to be on a specific season? Or a special wild type(shaking grass)?

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Plus I have the national dex

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Or any trainer with a ralts after completing the game?

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RPGcrazy24 answered:

If you have white version you can find it in the white forest. I'm not sure about black
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SmokeRulz answered:

There's no source available yet with specifics on how to find Ralts. I'm willing to bet you're gonna need the National Dex, however, since Ralts is not an Isshu Pokemon. If you already have it, then I guess that's where to find it. However there is absolutely no information on how to get it, how rare it is, what season it needs to be, or if you need shaking grass. You'll simply have to wait for a while. :(
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gamingmaster12 answered:

Ralts can indeed be found in the White Forest.
Unfortunately, you need to connect to High Link with somebody.
After that, find the Pokemon in the White Forest while in the High Link and they will begin migrating into your version.

I got this information through Serebii, so maybe reading it on Serebii will clear it up further?
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kainhighwind23 answered:

I found one in White Forest without getting the High Link, it only takes a bit of time and you'll find it.
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eriolpo123 answered:

At the white Forest

no need for High Link
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matthias5770 answered:

Depending on the people in your white forest, you may or may not have Ralts. The pokemon found in the forest are linked to the people there. If no one says they saw a Ralts, you will have to find someone with Black who has a trainer in their Black City that uses Gardevoir. Then you entralink, go to his/her black city, and talk to that person, and they should show up in your white forest.

The way I did it, and that's much easier, is to go on the GameFAQs trade board for B/W and ask for a ralts there.
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Anonomus1 answered:

You can find a Ralts in White Forest it only matters what people you have there.
If you talk to the people in the forest you will see that they have names.
By having certain people, certain pokemon appear as well as the occasional item.
I think that a girl named Lena (NPC) will allow Ralts to appear, if she isn't there you will have to go to another Black or White and see if she will move to your game. Otherwise look for a friend with something from the evo. line.
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andyw3 answered:

They are in White Forest.
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Deep_Black321 answered:

If you have a Pokemon Black Version, and if you have a trainer in Black City with a Gardevoir or Gallade, then in Pokemon White, go to the Entralink and enter Black City, then talk to the trainer with the Gardevoir/Gallade, and he/she will migrate to your White Forest and Gardevoir's/Gallade's basic form, Ralts, will be in the grass so just walk in the grass until it appears.
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