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Where can I find the EXP share?

i need it so it will be easier to level up my Patrat.

TonyM102 provided additional details:

Where at in Castelia City?

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pjmark89 answered:

you can find one in Castelia City, you need to go to the battle company building and head to the top floor and battle the old guy in the corner, after beating him he'll give you an exp. share. u can get two in this game but im trying to figure out where the other one is.
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EliteError answered:

You can find the EXP share in Castelia City and Icirrus City, Hope that helps :D
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Link959 answered:

Where is the castelia gym?
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EliteError answered:

The gym in castelia city is to the far left and up, its the building with the random lights running up the walls. As to where the city is look here ( Its in the middle of the map, down the bottom.
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SlickDS502 answered:

in Icirrus City, when you go to the Pokemon Fan club, you can recieve one item from the President there after showing one of your party members, what item it is depends on how much your pokemon has grownsince you got it. (I think it's once a day, i saw it on Serebii... though I'm not sure).

I believe if your Pokemon has grown enough, I'm sure he'll give an EXP share, I forgot how much, though. to be on the safe side, I'd recommend showing him your starter pokemon, since odds are that pokemon will be the one whom has grown the most (unless you kept it in your box all this time). mine was levelled around the high thirties when i shown him, and with the starter always beginning at level 5, that's quite a big gap.
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biglittleman12 answered:

In castelia city, the battle institute is the building needed, towards the left end. clear both floors, 47 and 55 and beat all trainers and at then end, facing the 'janitor' you'll get the exp share.

at icirrus city, the pokemon fan club president will check a pokemon based on how many levels it has gained since you captured it, if its in between 25-49 levels gained since, the president will give you a second exp share.
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RPGcrazy24 answered:

Go to the battle institute and beat everyone on floor fifty-something then when you get to the guy behind the desk beat him and he will give you the EXP share. BTW the battle institute is in castellia city.
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RPGcrazy24 answered:

Its is one of the buildings that is one the main pavement NOT down one of the alleys.
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kingjoris1 answered:

In Castelia City.
From the pokemon center to the left, to some building like Battle .....
Then beat all trainers on 47F and 55F. The last trainer at 55F is the janitor. If you beat him,you'll get exp share.
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xiTriEdge answered:

Ones in Castelia i believe although i dont remember exactly where
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Marlan35 answered:

Its in the poke fan club, show him a pokemon that you have level up'd 25 times.
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chlorophyllX answered:

You can get them from Castelia City and Icirrus City. In Castelia, head over to the Battle Company and beat the head. In Icirrus, go to the Pokemon Fan Club and show the old man there a pokemon you have leveled up 30+ times. An example of a pokemon you can show him is your starter if it is level 35+. Note that in Generation V, the Exp Share gives a much higher percentage of the exp recieved to the holder.
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cledus60081 answered:

The one I got was from Icirus City. Go to the pokemon fan club and show the man a pokemon you have leveled up 25-49 levels. He will give you exp share. If they are leveled up 50-98 he will give you acleanse tag. If you leveled up a pokemon 99 levels you will get kings rock. Hope this helps.
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metaknight456 answered:

It is possible to get 2 exp. shares in this game. The first one is in castelia city by defeating all the trainers in the battle company next to the pokemon center then defeating their boss. The second one i got was from the pokemon fan club in iccurus city, by showing the president there my lvl 38 serpireor he will say that you traind it from lvl_ to lvl_ and will be surprised how much it likes you and will give you the eperience share. I dont know if it will have the same effect on a diferent pokemon but i think its best to show him your starter once you get their,make shure it's at top evolution and you dont go over lvl 40.
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