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The lady inside the relic castle offers you a choice to have either the plume fossil or the cover fossil. Can you get the one that you did not pick later in the game?

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I don't think so, No.

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I think you cant get the other fossil any normal way, but you could get the Pokemon that gets out of it by breeding the Fossil you choose and then trade it on the GTS. Best way to do this would be to offer yours for the other one, as usualy the trades you find allready offered on the gts are kind of ridiculus trolling attempts.
If you then want the other fossill to have your own trainer ID on it, you can of course breed it too and then huse the hatched one on your team.

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I don't think so either.

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No, you can't. it's just like other versions.

like R/B/Y, for example, you can only choose either Helix fossil or Dome fossil in the Mt.Moon

In R/S/E, You choose between Claw fossil or Root Fossil

But in D/P,it's a bit different you can find Skull fossil in Diamond ver. and Armor fossil in Pearl ver.

So in B&W, you can only choose one just like R/B/Y and R/S/E

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in emerald, you CAN find the other fossil if you do to the tunnel in fossil maniacs house after the E4. Going back to the topic, just use GTS

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