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Good Fire types?

So my friend recently told me I'm playing the game wrong if I want to be competitive against him and all the other friends at school. I have always just gotten whatever 6 pokemon I liked and powerhoused my way through the games. They told me I need to balance my team better and make sure to fight primarily with the pokemon I intend to use forever. So right now I have decided on my timburr and my oshawott. They said I need a good balance so I am looking for some good fire type pokemon, a good grass type, a good flying and maybe some others all strategy tips for building a powerful team are welcome Also should I replace any of the 2 I currently chose?Thanks in advance!

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KdanZero answered:

Since you picked Oshawott (Same as me so I can personally attest to your fine choice) you have the option of getting a free Pansear at the Dreamyard. A Darumaka or a Litwick (a Ghost/Fire Pokemon) are also excellent choices as a great Fire type for use. All of them evolve into outstanding Fire types, but it comes down to your own preference between them. For a Grass type, you have several options such as Sewaddle and Petilil. I personally don't recommend using the Grass Pokemon in White, but if you can catch a wild Pansage or a Deerling (Normal/Grass). Their evolutions have good physical attack and Simisage also has good special attack. I also strongly recommend you grab a Dark Pokemon, of which there are many in White, such as Sandile (Ground/Dark) and Pawniard (Dark/Steel) and Scraggy (Dark/Fighting). For your Flying type, you again have many choices such as Pidove, Rufflet, or Archen (Rock/Flying), (grab the Plume Fossil from the Fossil Maniac inside Relic Castle). All of them have great physical attack and I strongly recommend not using them for special attacks.
For general tips, I advise you to also be on the lookout for strong Electric Pokemon such as Blitzle and Joltik (Bug/Electric) and go to Mistralton Cave as soon as you have both Surf and Strength. There, you can capture an Axew, a very powerful Dragon Pokemon that will also be of great help to you competitively.
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CrimsonDeath333 answered:

Darumaka is a Very Strong fire type ;)
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biglittleman12 answered:

ok, well a great fire type in my opinion is Darmanitan, evolved form of darumaka. as i used my pansear that i also got from the dreamyard, as the game progressed, he became more of a burden and overall began to just suck. my electric type currently is Galvantula, evolved of Joltik, i used to have Unfezzant, stage 3 of Pidove but traded that for Zekrom now since i have white.

i recommend having the base types of your party vary greatly due to the variety of trainers and your friends as well with their types and moves. make sure that you have a move the same type as your pokemon's base type because those do get some of a power boost but also have a variety to face tough opponents

example, my Samurott knows grass knot to take out water types and those pesty water/ground types. and in my Heartgold, my machamp knows Fire punch, Ice Punch, Karate Chop, and Strength. you can see how that fares against many different.

it's also based on your preferences. do you like all out attack? or do you like to have a tank, or some that can really just annoy your friends? Musharna is a great example with the moves Defense Curl/Calm Mind, Recover, Hypnosis, and Psybeam/Psychic. high defense and or sp. atk/sp. def, make them sleep, and fire away.

There's many different ways to play it. your friends are just being ignorant. do what you want but be open to different possibilities and combinations. dont forget to import later if you are able to.
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used2be answered:

for fire pokemon, you can use early pansear in dreamyard, or you can use darumaka (route 4) or litwick (celestial tower) they very good fire type. for grass one leavanny is great, but it have lot of weakness just be careful. deerling is not bad either. flying type just choose between : woobat or pidove, archen's defeatist suck lowering your attack to 50%.
last use axew (dragon type) well it STAB is bad, but its useful cause there are quite few poke with ice or dragon type. perfect for first in party
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mutigerfan1 answered:

That's all i can think of.
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gelopicio answered:

Have an Electric, Ground, Flying, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Water, Psychic, and Dark type on your team. Teach one ghost move on your Psychic type. Teach one Ice type move on your Water Type. Teach a Dragon type move on any of your Pokemon if they can, if not it's okay.

For all Fire types- Darumaka, Pansear, Tepig, Litwick, Larvesta, Victini, Reshiram, Heatmor

I made my team balanced with: Emboar- Fire Fighting, Krookodile- Ground Dark, Sigilyph- Flying Psychic, Simisage- Grass, Carracosta- Water Rock, Zebstrika/Zekrom- Electric/Dragon.

For more info in making your team try
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Commander_Blaze answered:

If your friends havent banned it from battle victini is an amazing fire/psychic pokemon with crazy stats and hp also zebstrika is a great electric type.
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burner001 answered:

Emobar is a good attacker and HP-er, can deal damage quickly but taken out fairly easily.
darumakka is a STRONG attacker! Sheer force is better for attacking but Zen mode is used for defensive purposes.
Simisear is a good attacker and sp.attacker and has good speed and has access to a wide range of attacks.
Chandelure is an amzaing sp.attacker and can deal damge hard.
Volcarona is another amazing sp.attacker and has pretty decent speed to take down a lot of enemies before fainting.
Heatmor has higher sp.attack but it's attack is not far of so is a decent fire type.
That's all the non-legendary fire types.
Hope this helps!
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Tai1021 answered:

Well first of all it depends on how good you are because if your really good you can take on a team of lv 100's with lv 1's but for a fire type if you can can get tepig(amazing attacker and type coverage) or litwick (will take down things with high defenses and inficlt status an use that to advantage) and don't use timburr unless you can trade it later to evolve it i then suggest any flying type is good there all well rounded out falls to your prefence and for grass type petlil(when it evolves it learns the almighty quiver dance)or a snivy
(please take note i have two ds's and your frineds have the game so im assuming they'll trade you)
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leetic answered:

Great fire-types- Chandelure, Emboar, Daramitan, Simisear, Heatmor, and DEFINITELY Victini.
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Carbuncle009 answered:

Fire: Litwick, Darmanitan(Zen Mode)
Grass: Whimsicott, Petilil, Maractus
Flying: Swanna, Braviary, Unfezzant

Don't go with the monkeys. other pokemon have better stats than them.
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