Question from Matty_G33

If I beat Zekrom without capturing it, do I get another chance to capture it?

I'm just wondering because I'm keen on getting an ideal nature for Zekrom, whilst getting the battle that happens next out of the way.

If I can rematch it, what do I have to do, where is it located, and can it's nature change? Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

KdanZero answered:

So far, the battle with Zekrom has been scripted to force you to capture it before your battle with N inside Team Plasma's Castle. Trying to just knock it out normally won't work as Zekrom will automatically revive with full HP and your Pokemon will gain no Experience for defeating it. The alternative option to have your PC completely full and have a full team of six Pokemon which means you don't have the space to hold it. This way, Zekrom will be forced back to Dragonspiral Tower where it will remain stationary waiting for the playing to catch it. Only at Dragonspiral Tower can one change Zekrom's nature safely without the risk of saving right after catching the wrong one.
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EliteError answered:

Go to Dragonspiral Tower. It will be there, its nature will change. Hope this helps :)
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TonyM102 answered:

You must beat the game then go to Dragonspiral tower and it will be there i can prove this cuz i have the walkthrough guide
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