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Where would i find Ghetsis after i beat team plasma? *spoiler*

Ok see, i have found all the sages except Ghetsis because he is hiding somewhere, and looker from international police said he'll get a report together and return back to me with it to tell me where Ghetsis is but its taking him a long time


TheLisanator answered:

I'm not exactly sure where you can find certain sages (I don't wanna look up all of their names...) but, since they all give you a certain TM, it might make things easier for me to explain it, LOL.
You can get TM01 (Hone Claws) from the sage in the Freezer Container.
TM04 (Calm Mind) from the sage in Relic Castle.
TM08 (Bulk Up) from the sage on route 14.
TM32 (Double Team) from the sage on route 18.
TM 69 (Rock Polish) from the sage in Chargstone Cave.
I'm pretty sure you find 2 other sages before you start the hunt for the other 5. xD
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eriolpo123 answered:

No you will not be able to find Ghetsis
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strom311 answered:

All the sages are in a place or route they had a operation like the one in the cold storege and the dream yard when they tried to get dream mist
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poinenserpent answered:

I dont know but maybe pokemon .com will have some answers.
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pokemoneater049 answered:

Ok if you defeated the elite 4 and N you will have to fight ghetsis and when you defeat him you don't have to search for him and if you need help check
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tallestman123 answered:

The next game.
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pokegeek456 answered:

MASSIVE SPOILER!!! But read on if you must....

In Pokemon White you don't find Ghetsis anywhere after you beat Team Plasma.
However in Pokemon White 2, you find Ghetsis in the heart of the Giant Chasm with N and his legendary Pokemon and also you find Ghetsis with the legendary Pokemon Kyurem (I think I spelt it right...? :P). Ghetsis attempts to use the DNA Splicers to fuse Kyurem and N's legendary Pokemon, you have to beat the combined Pokemon and the rest of Ghetsis' Pokemon.
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