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How do I beat third gym leader?

how do I beat the third gym leader?

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Succarath answered:

Catch a Darumaka on Route 4.
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EliteError answered:

Get a good, strong fire type. That pokemon will help you against the ice gym as well.
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Iceman93x answered:

Get a good rock type, flying type, and fire type. Those are bug type pokemons weakness and all are available. It wasn't that hard to beat him.
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kaleldata answered:

Yes, I would recommend catching a pidove, roggenrola and darumaka, or if you chose oshawott as a starter, raise up your pansear a bit, and teach it rock tomb with TM 39, found in the desert resort.
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gleni92 answered:

I had a Woobat at the time. It was great against Whirlipede and Leavanny. As for Dwebble, I would use a water type against it because it's smack down is deadly to any flying type.
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fntsyftbll answered:

get victini if it is an option
in not than I recommend a darumaka
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dragonrep224 answered:

I started out with tepig so it was easy for me.
However my brother started with snivy.
So i said "train your timburr and darumaka".
Rock and Fire are super effective aiganst Bug.
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