Question from pie64

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I get Zorua?

I have beaten the main story line and i have transferred the event Celebi from my diamond to white. What i want to know is what I have to do with it to get the zorua.

Accepted Answer

From: GenoWhirl789 3 years ago

If you used the Relocator to transfer the Celebi to your game, then take it to Castelia City. In one of the buildings with an elevator (I think it's in the road to the right of the Pokemon Center) right when you enter, you should see a girl and a boy looking at each other in front of the reception desk. If Celebi's in your party, he should pop out and then the boy will turn into a Zorua. The girl will give him to you as long as you have an empty space in your party.

This will not work if you used the PokeTransfer to get Celebi to White.

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I just used the PokeTransfer to get Celebi to White and got Zorua....

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