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Is there a way to make shaking grass appear more often?

I'm not sure I have completely grasped the concept of shaking grass. I am trying to catch some pokemon that appear in shaking grass exclusively, but idk how to make it appear more often...

StarlightMaker asked for clarification:

So, I'm one of those people who needs to collect all the Pokemon in the game. Should I spend time actually tracking down shaking grass Pokemon or just beat the game and do it after? Like honestly! I think I just need a reality check here...

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Demons_Fang answered:

it activates by walking so you want to try to avoid a battle until you see a shakeing spot so be running around BY the grass not in it this should previde the best results. hope this helped
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Scubaforce answered:

Unfortunately the only way to make shaking grass appear is by walking around near the grass, and there's no way to quicken the process.
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Raidramon0 answered:

It seems that theothers are right in walking around. In addition, keep your ears to the DS speakers. If a rustling grass spot does appear, you'll hear a faint rustling sound that gets louder as you get closer.
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rosettarosso answered:

You just need to be lucky. Listen carefully for the sound of rustling grass, and hope you don't get into a battle while running towards it.
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Pacman155 answered:

There is a action replay cheat that all you have to do is hold L and walk 3 steps and the grass will shake.
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plantmonster800 answered:

Run around constantly next to the grass. As soon as you see grass shaking, use a REGULAR repel and run into it. That's what I do :)
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some_guy4835 answered:

Using a bike will speed up the progress
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zarablackey answered:

there is a good way to make Shaking Grass, Swirling Dust, and Bubbling Water Appear more easily, people think that using repel makes it appear more often but they are wrong,

1. go near tall grass
2. run (bike is even better) back and forth or left and right NEAR the grass, otherwise, you will meet up with other pokemons
3. when you see Shaking Grass, Swirling Dust, or Bubbling Water Appear (APPEARS MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE OFTEN NOW!!!) , RUN or WALK TO IT!!! DO NOT BIKE, YOU MIGHT BE RUSHING INTO OTHER POKEMONS IF YOU DO!!!!!!!!


and i tried myself!!!

signed Zara Blackey
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