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Asked: 3 years ago

Is there a Cloning Glitch in Black and White?

Maybe a glitch involving IR trades.

The Pokemon White Manual(the one that came with the game) said the game saves after the pokemon evolves* when trading via IR.
*if it evolves via trading.

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"There is no trading glitch, the only way is if you have an R4 or AR. Sorry, but I hope this answears your question"
If you can't even spell right, I wont accept your answer.

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I don't have an AR anymore(my sister's dog chewed it up).
What about non-cloning glitches? Do you know of ANY glitch in Black and White?

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"There is none!"
The cloning glitch in Emerald didnt get found for a while after it was out(So black and white COULD have a glitch; just nobody has found it yet.)

And theres a glitch in double battles:If both your pokemon faint in the same turn, when you try to switch in your second pokemon, it'll say it's already in battle.

Another glitch in double battles: If you switch out your first pokemon, then on the second pokemon's turn try to heal* the first pokemon, the first pokemon will switch out, then it'll say the item had no effect on the first pokemon
*The first pokemon has to have some HP missing.

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From: murdokdracul 3 years ago

I have a theory, but I haven't tested it out for fear of messing up my save file.

On the options, you can choose whether or not you save the game while doing an infrared trade. If one game is set to save and the other isn't, then after you've traded, turn off the game that isn't set to save. In theory, the Pokemon from the game that saved would be deleted, and the Pokemon from the game that didn't save would be present in both games.

Like I said, I haven't tested this, and it probably doesn't work anyway because it seems far too obvious to be true.

If you try this, please let me know whether or not it works. :)

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There is no trading glitch, the only way is if you have an R4 or AR. Sorry, but I hope this answears your question.

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OK, Sorry, hope this ANSWERS your question.

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There is none!

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I have tried murdokdracul theory and he seems to be right, it does seem to be to good to be true.
If you stop trade to early, communication is ended both pokemon traded stay as if they never were (you keep all your original pokemon) and so does the other game.

I am currently testing what happens if neither is set to save (double negative perhaps... unlikely).

I am testing these because i want 1 extra leftovers and i really don't want to waste my time doing a lv 100 linoone pickup ability.

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I don't think the cloning glitch if there is one has been found and if it has I can't find it the only glitches i know about are the sky drop & gravity glitch so when a pokemon uses sky drop a d another uses gravity the pokemon that was being held will drop with yours and will be unable to move and the other one is in the iccrus(sorry if i spelled it wrong) gym where you can skip the last trainer in one of the icebergs.

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I accidentally cloned one of my pokemon through GTS. I put up a Pansear and then took it off straight away, exited GTS then went back in and the trade had gone through and I still had my Pansear.

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