Question from godlytim

How do you use xtransceiver?

I can't figure out how to use it.

godlytim provided additional details:

How do you call people?


mutigerfan1 answered:

You don't,Someone has to call you.
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tpbloomfield answered:

Apparently, you can use it to video-call your friends over WiFi, but only if your DS has a camera. Not got one, so can't confirm personally, but one of my friends has done it. In-game application is purely for other people to contact you though, you can't call any of the characters on it.
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pie64 answered:

The xtransciever is a little difficult to start up but once you do it's fun to play around
but to start up turn your c gear on and i wireless you'll find the xtransciever when you tap it it will search for people in your pal pad near by and obviously they will need their c gear on as well. it will take a little bit but when it does find your friends you can select up to three of them to call. when it starts to call a tune will play on their ds's and they have to tap into the xtransciever to connect, people with dsi's will get video chat. to talk press and hold the center button on the touch and say what you want. you can change your pitch by tapping above or below the green line on the left. press the pencil button to draw on people's faces and the pause button to freeze your camera
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zaya6 answered:

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Kenobiman2 answered:

To use the Xtranseiver, click on the wireless icon(s) and click on the one that says XTRANSEIVER on it. Go to someone you know has this game and wait for the DS to connect with the other one. Then you should be able to talk to them.
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Mulpuppy answered:

You can't use the X-transciever to contact in-game NPCs, but, if you are using a DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, or 3DS XL, you can use it to video talk with people within wireless comm. range.

To use it, turn on the C-Gear and select X-transciever, and get the other person to do the same.
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