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What do I after i beat elite four?

What's left and Where do i go? I went to whtie forest and undella town but am not finding anything else to do story wise?

All help appreciated

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yaybongo answered:

You gotta Catch em all
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EliteError answered:

There is not much story after you beat the elite 4, but there are lots of new places you can explore, about 1/4 of the map you can only get to after you beat the elite 4.
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yaybongo answered:

I was joking but after you beat the elite 4 try to rain yur pokemon and battle on wifi.
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BlurpleJelly answered:

Get the seven sages, catch the legendaries, lvl grind, beat elite four, fill the pokedex, pokemusical, get all the plates and relic crown in undella bay, and GO ALL WIFI!!! Yup ur right not rly much to do right??????
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chlorophyllX answered:

There is plenty to do. Try battling Morimoto in Game Freak HQ, Cynthia at Undella Town, and try catching Kyurem in the Giant Chasm. It is a level 75 Dragon/Ice legendary. You can also search for the seven sages and catch Volcarona in the Relic Castle. If you are really bored, try challenging the Elite Four and Alder, for real this time. Above all, you can try to complete your National Dex. If you need 1.6mil Poke to burn, you can look up a map for the Abyssal Ruins in Undella Bay to get all the treasure and sell them to the ninja guy in the big house in Undella Town. Also, you can battle Cheren and Bianca. Talk to Cheren at the route west of Nimbasa City. He will say a few words and leave. Fly to the Pokemon League and go south to Victory Road. From there, head into the northwest entrance and battle Cheren. You can do this once per day. Bianca is in the Pokemon Lab in Nuvema Town and will battle you on Saturday nights.
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dragonrep224 answered:

You fight N.
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