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Where and how do I find Keldeo, Genesect, and Meloetta?

I know they're event pokemon, but the guide doesn't tell where do I find them.

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Also, I need someones FC so I can trade Thunderus for Tornadus.

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kingkiller557 answered:

so far there is no event for them. neither in Japan or International. If you want to see the event pokemon go to this website it will show you the events that will come out. These have already come out in Japan and there was actually 2 events. The Liberty Pass one AND there was an Eevee event as well. I recommend using for all your pokemon needs.
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SpiritChaser09 answered:

Meloetta isn't even out yet according to Serebii, and there is no known date as of yet....grr! LOL!
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Cheesiehacks answered:

They are all event Pokemon and there have been no events for them yet whatsoever
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Darkcat1 answered:

to add something: the only event we've had so is the liberty pass to get Victini(and the port event pokemon over to get Zora and Zoroark which I'm not sure counts) so be patient as the D/P/Plat/HG/SS events were pretty darn easy to get. Also I'm not even sure if Japan has these guys yet...

Also if you're looking for a trade I'm sorry as I also just have White(haven't caught Thunderus but working on it) but I will soon be breeding Zora like crazy(Zora is not legendary. just rare like Lucario) and asking for lots of random pokemon for it ^^
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darkangel6794 answered:

The best thing too do is to wait until victini event is over.....or so im told
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Iceman93x answered:

Or get an action replay. I can use it to get them but I choose not to. I'll catch them fair and circle.
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varrok489 answered:

@darkangel But when does the viciniti end???
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Jandeku answered:

@varrok489: Victini's event ends on April 22nd.
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darfire answered:

@Jandeku: Hi
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halofreak7497 answered:

To who ever posted this i have all three a friend gave them to me and i am willing to trade them to who ever wants them
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cassa3000 answered:

Can i please have them
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Flame982 answered:

HALOFREAKS Friend is a cheater. dont trade with him, cheating is for noobs
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Hacker233 answered:

I have all 3 shiny from an action replay dsi but i dont get how they do the event in the youtube videos
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battles12 answered:

To get keldeo you must get three legendary Trio Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion then go to the Moor Of Icirrus with the three pokemon. Keldeo will come out
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Ash_Pikachu_ answered:

Actually, battles12, Keldeo is in fact an event legendary Pokemon. If you take the four to the Moor, Keldeo will learn it's signature move. And can we please stop turning this question into the board. You want to chat with friends, go there, but the answers page isn't the place to do it. I'm sorry, it's not.
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Darkblade7 answered:

i can give anyone as many event pokemon as they want....just give me your FC i have Black and White version.
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montikid answered:

All three of them are event pokemon obtained through mystery gift. Right now i think genesect is out and you obtain it from a Faithful Encounter event.
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Pokepokepokemon answered:

Darkblade I have black message me
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GenesectAllDay answered:

Can you get me a Genesect?

FC:4856 9387 4643
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TacoOfDoom answered:

None of the pokemon are out yet... All I know about Keldeo is that you have to have Terrakion Verizion and Cobalion all in your party... and go to some kind of forest where he'll appear.
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kajyemor answered:

@Darkblade7 i would like all three please
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Lv100Mewtwo answered:

I would also like all 3. Fc for black is 1292 0760 8976 Nick name aaron
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PeskyBOI43 answered:

STOP POSTING, he keeps getting stupid emails because of you, and his account was closed
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Jerald1110 answered:

They are event pokemon so check the pokemon website often
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genius94d answered:

They're not released yet.
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spongehunt answered:

On pokemon black my cousin got shiny genesect meoletta and keldeo all lvl 100 so use cheats
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Amazingluigi answered:

Genesect,Keldeo,and Meoletta aren't out yet just check the Pokemon Website and wait patiently or use cheats like all these are using but i am not a cheater i don't use action replay now good day.
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kopo12 answered:

PLEAS READ THIS PLEASE READ THIS: They are unavailable for catching, and due to be released via wireless event. Just like the same way you got Victini!
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