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Which is the best water pokemon in the game?

I am currently using a cubchoo because it can learn surf but it keeps dying :( so i was wondering if there is any other pokemon that can learn surf but is SUPER STRONG!

Additional details - 3 years ago

I have pokemon white but i managed to level up my cubchoo up to lvl37 and it evolved should i keep it or get panpour in white forest?

Accepted Answer

From: akivalevi152 3 years ago

Or get a panpour in pinwheel forest. Grow it to lv 34 and it will by then learn scald and Brine. EVO it with a waterstone and teach it Blizzard. That will help it fend of grass guys also.

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I would say samurot- water sisematoad-water/ground or you can train a lilipup to evolve into heirdier and then into stoutland because there special normal types that can learn surf.

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Do you have black or white? (in white forrest you can get lotad whitch evo's into lombre to LODOCOLO)

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