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Asked: 3 years ago

Seven sages location?

Trying to find the seven sages but I can't find all of them. Can someone help?

Accepted Answer

From: MetalKingBoo 3 years ago

There are only 6 sages to find. Ghetsis was the first one and you beaten him.

- Route 18. Just explore the route, he can be easily found.
- Chargestone Cave. You'll need to go down 2 levels from the main level (entrance) to find one.
- Cold Storage. He's inside the storage.
- Route 14. Need Surf and Waterfall to reach one.
- Dreamyard. The cones blocking that small gap are gone, he's just a bit further ahead.
- Relic Castle. At the bottom is a newly-opened area. Go inside, you'll find one there.

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