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How do you EV train a level 100 pokemon?

I have a few level 100 pokemon that I want to EV train. I used all the special stat-lowering berries to clean all their past EVs, but how can they gain the extra points of EV training if they can't level up?

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dcoughler answered:

Actually, I read somewhere (although I cannot find the article at the moment), that in B&W, you do not need to level up to EV train, so that it is now possible to retrain a level 100 pokemon. Every 4 points, the stat should automatically go up until you max out.

I'll keep looking for the source of that info, but in the mean time you can always test it yourself.
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ZebraofChaos94 answered:

you cant, you gain the EV stats when you level up. they are added on to your normal stat gains for that level. since your pokemon are level 100 they can no longer be EV trained.... sorry man
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