Question from akivalevi152

What is the beat way to raise happiness?

I need to evolve swadloon.

akivalevi152 provided additional details:

I know how to I just want to know what is fastest. Also, Smoke Rulz, that site is awesome.

Accepted Answer

SmokeRulz answered:

Leveling up is the easiest way. That's not always the best option, though, because you could miss out on moves the evolution learns at higher levels. Check out this page to see all the stuff that raise Happiness:
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prinnyamongmen answered:

There are plenty of ways to raise happiness. Walk with your Pokemon, have it hold a Soothe Bell, let it have a massage, level it up, and pump it with vitamins (I don't know why).

Try to avoid lowering its happiness. Stuff that lower happiness include letting Pokemon faint, giving them bitter herbs and other things.
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gelopicio answered:

Massage in Castelia City
Sooth Bell in Nimbasa City
Always battle with that pokemon and level it up

Hope it helps.
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