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Ok i want to know is there sometime specific i have to do to make my eevee's:
vapoereon, jolteon, flareon, leafeon, and glaceon

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- Vapoereon - Give Eevee a water stone
- Jolteon - Give Eevee a thunder stone
- Flareon - Give Eevee a fire stone
- Leafeon - level up Eevee at Moss rock

Moss Rock:
At the southern part of the forest is a massive moss covered rock. If you raise an Eevee near this rock, it will evolve into a Leafeon.

- Glaceon - Level Eevee up at Icy Rock

Icy Rock
At the very bottom of the crater in the middle is a door leading to the basement which contains a massive ice covered rock. If you raise an Eevee near this rock, it will evolve into a Glaceon

Hope this helps :D

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1. There's a guy on the very-right-most dock in Castelia City that can give you a Water Stone, Fire Stone, or Leaf Stone. You only get one though, so if you'd like to get a Water or Fire from him, then talk to him and choose "Panpour" or "Pansear."

2. Any Evolution Stone can be found inside caves by running around and entering the swirling dust clouds. They're very rare, though, so most likely you're going to find Gems or run into a lot of wild Drilburs/Excadrills.

3. You can find a few stones on the ground. Fire Stone is in the Desert Resort (northwest of Psychic Gavin), Water Stone is in Driftveil City (Surf next to the lighthouse), and Thunderstones is in Chargestone Cave (deep inside where the Sage is later, past a few Ace Trainers).

4. If you have Black Version (which evidently you don't, since you're asking this question on White Version), then you can buy Evolution Stones by getting a bunch of residents into the city via trading with White.

5. And finally, for Leafeon and Glaceon, you can find a Moss Rock in the southwestern section of Pinwheel Forest, and an Ice Rock on the very bottom floor of Twist Mountain.

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What about Umbreon and Espeon ?

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Espeon: Level up w/ high friendship between 04:00 and 19:59

Umbreon:Level up w/ a high level of friendship between 20:00 and 03:59.

Espeon is the better of the two.

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Espeon: raise at daytime
Umbreon: raise at nighttime
Flareon(need): Fire stone
Vaporeon: Water stone
Jolteon: Thunderstone
Glaceon: raise eevee next to icy rock in twist mountain.
Leafeon: raise eevee next to mossy rock in pinwheel forest

If all else fails, feel free to trade with me, I have like...,a million that I need to get rid of. Stones can be found in Chargestone Cave at best. I've gotten 6 Water Stones from there. It really works!!!

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