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How do u get 2 big hole in giant chasm?

Same question.


gelopicio answered:

To meet Kyurem, you need to go to the path that leads you to a small pond of some sort, then Kyurem's cry will be heard, then the whole place will become covered in snow, then go in the upper right part, then you can enter in the cave, where Kyurem is.
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Ineedcheats7229 answered:

From the exit of the cave:
go all the way up, to the right, all the way down, to the left, up again, but turn right at the first patch of grass after you hop down the ledge. the path leads to the pit. then u will hear kyurems cry and everything will turn to snow. go to the top right corner and enter the cave where kyurem is

hope this helps
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denzelb16 answered:

How to get to the stair way in the great chasm
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snorlaxondiet answered:

To get to Kyurem,follow these directions: From the cave exit, move a little up,left, then all the way up. Go right, (pick up TM Ice Beam on the way!).Soon move down all the way.Now move left (pick up TM PsyShock on a patch of grass) and go over a ledge to the north. Here, move south of a big patch of grass to a little path. It will lead to a hole with water inside, and suddenly something roars and it will start to snow heavily. Then go north to a cave and enter. Inside Kyurem will be standing. Make sure to save and good luck catching it! It has the moves Dragon Pulse, Glaciate, Endeveor, and Imprison.
Hope this helps!
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