Question from lsu3326

Asked: 3 years ago

What is the ability syncronize? What does it do?

Above, THX in advance

Accepted Answer

From: SavenRain 3 years ago

Say I have Synchronize, if you status infliction your opponent that has Synchronize, like me, the status infliction will afflict you as well. This only works if you did it directly to me.
If you Burn me, I'll burn you back.

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Submitted Answers


When your Pokemon has the ability syncronize, and has a status effect, your enemy gets that same status effect.

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When your Pokemon has this ability and is either Burned, Poisoned or Paralyzed, the enemy Pokemon that inflicted the status, will get that same status effect.

It's also noted that if the Pokemon with this ability is in the first spot of your party, the chance of encountering a wild Pokemon with the same Nature will be 50%. Very useful.

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