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How many steps does it take to hatch an egg?

Ive heard that it takes 10 mins but i want to know how many steps.


Luiman04 answered:

It actually depends on the pokemon inside. Some pokemon take longer than others to hatch. It's not really a time value. I suggest looking for a FAQ. They usually have this kind of info specified.
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dcoughler answered:

Eggs take different amounts of steps depending on the species. 3840 or 5120 steps seems like the most common values.

Some examples (thanks to for this info):

Munna - 2560 steps
Patrat - 3840 steps
Durant - 5120 steps
Deino - 10,240 steps

You can cut that number in half by having a pokemon with the Flame Body or Flame Armor ability in your party as well.

Skyarrow Bridge is about 400 steps each way, so if you hop on your bicycle and go from one end to the other 6 times, you should hatch most pokemon.
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bridgeybear04 answered:

It actually depends on the egg and species of pokemon. There is no specific hatch time for every egg, but if you want to know you should probably go to for exact hatch steps. Hope this helps! XD (It also depends on the game.)
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