Question from nindoking

Who is better Gallade or Lucario?

Speak better of the two and which, if any stronger to tell me please


Strbrst answered:

Lucario definitely. His base stats are better, move selection is better, and steel type is better than psychic. they're good if you play them right
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Omegabeast101 answered:

I would say definitely Lucario since it can beat bulky opponents.If you decide to get Lucario(which is the best choice)and you want him/she to be bulky, then it must have the following moves,nature,item,ability.

Item:Life Orb(or something else that will boost up it's moves)
Moveset:Swords Dance,Close Combat,Crunch,and ExtremeSpeed
Ability:Inner Focus
Evs:252Atk/ 4Spd /252speed
hope this helps
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SaberRaikou2000 answered:

Lucario,he has an awesome learned moveset:dark pulse,quik attack,foresight,detectmetal claw,counter,force palm,feint,bone rush,metal sound,me first,swords dance,aura sphere,close combat,dragon pulse,and extreme speed.He also has above average stats,unlike gallade who has crappy move set.
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