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EV gains in wild double battles?

How are EV gains calculated in wild double battles?
Are they gained seperatly or are they added together before being applied?
When adding in Pokerus and power items it does change the end value.

icicleblade provided additional details:

I know that, but when doing a double battle how are the EV's you gained calculated
Say each pokemon you were fighting gave 1 ev in attack, and you had pokerus and a power bracer equipped. After winning would it be (1+4*2)+(1+4*2) = 20 or (1+1)+4*2 = 12?

Accepted Answer

ellis123 answered:

You gain whatever EVs a Pokemon gets after the battle, and your stats automatically reflect your EVs. They are added together. Power items and Pokerus changes how much you gain (+4 and 2x respectively).
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