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Whats the difference between fishing spots and surfing spots?


the_allmighty provided additional details:

But whats the thing that shows up in water, just like russtling grass and dust clouds?

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kyogre8877 answered:

When there's a black shadow in the water, you can surf above it to meet a Pokemon (this is called Surfing Spot)

Fishing spot refers to fishing on that black shadow. You can find the fully-evolved form from the pokemon you can fish in that area
So, if you can fish a Poliwag / Poliwhirl, by using the Fishing Spot, you can caught a Politoed / Poliwrath with 5% chance
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Tekkaman_James answered:

A "surfing spot" is where you can actually travel across the water using a Pokemon that knows Surf.

A "fishing spot" is where you can cast a line using the fishing rod Key Item to "catch" a Pokemon.
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Rawkningbolt answered:

Yup just like rustling grass and dust clouds.
I used one of those spots in the water to catch the
Red Eye Basculine.
Which I think is rare cause the one I see most often is
the Blue Eye Basculine.
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Rawkningbolt answered:


That is very good to know.
I didn't know about that 5% chance to catch the fully evolved form.
Two thumbs up!
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