Question from p34nutbutter

Anyone want free pokemon?

I can get u any pokemon any level and shiny (if u want) just put ur friend codes down and mine is 1979 0591 0706.... but i dont hav wifi at my house so i need to wait till the weekend.
SO dose anyone want free pokemon?

Mienfoo777 asked for clarification:

Are they going to be hacked?

p34nutbutter provided additional details:

Some will be hacked but i might be getting rid of my game so its like a gerage sale......exeped free... so First come first serve. Only like the first 50 ppl or so.

p34nutbutter provided additional details:

Ya those r really simple (btw im a guy) and what levels? 1-100. Btw if u need to reach me just send me an email And im going to my friends house so i can do the trades this weekend.


Rawkningbolt answered:

Yes, I would very much like free pokemon.
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Mattechoo answered:

I'm after a shiny Bulbasaur and a shiny Turtwig. I don't care if they're hacked cos I don't battle. Those would be simply peachy Sir / Madam.
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007Charmander answered:

Can you get a shiny charmander or shiny rayquaza?
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allisfairingame answered:

im after a pokemon that knows charge from black

white FC: 3826-0068-5612
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